+3 for ClassicPress

Three sites migrated to ClassicPress from WP 5.5 this week.

A friend wanted me to move his business site and his wife’s personal and business sites to my hosting.
Just wanted to share the experience with the Community.

PHP Error Log Viewer from Code Potent and Updraft (for a step by step backup) were first installed on every site.

With odam.it I was relaxed.

Migrated from Yoast SEO to Classic SEO.
Removed unused plugin and switched to PHP 7.4.
Everything fine. Enfold theme supports WP 4.9.

dentalimagelibrary.com was a nice test for Classic Commerce.

Advanced Woo Search and WooCommerce PDF Invoices Italian Add-on works well with CC.

But… remember to deactivate every WooCommerce related plugin before deactivating Woo and activating both CC Compatibility for Woo Addons and Classic Commerce.
Some WooCommerce addons fail gently if Woo is not installed but crash the site if only CC Compatibility for Woo Addons is active! So if you don’t like the command line this leads to troubles.

industriesoffio.it was the real challenge.

35 plugins, WooCommerce in catalog mode with 600 items and 10-20 attributes each.
Fired the migration plugin and… nothing… back to the pre-migration page.
This code in functions.php was the culprit:

function remove_core_updates(){
   global $wp_version;
   return(object) array('last_checked'=> time(),'version_checked'=> $wp_version,);

The above code was for preventing core, plugin and themes update.

Catalog for Woocommerce, Hide Price Until Login and WooCommerce Product Filter worked fine with CC.
Here Classic SEO instead of Rank Math and Carbon Copy instead of Duplicate Post.
Porto theme supports WP 4.9.
Ended up with 19 active plugins and a custom one to fix a couple of things.


Really cool to see a few more sites migrating over. …and I love how you broke this down by site! You must have been horrified to see the updates disabled on that one domain. Good save!!

…and thanks for letting the PHP Error Log and Carbon Copy plugins be a part! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Simone for the detailed write up - and thanks for using Classic SEO and Classic Commerce. I’m glad all is working well - eventually :slight_smile:

Your point about deactivating all WC addons before activating CC and the CC compat plugin is a good one and maybe there’s something we can learn from your experience.

Would you be able to create a new post in #plugins:plugin-support and outline what went well and what didn’t go so well. And also, things like which addons you had problems with, addon version numbers, how helpful was the documentation, etc?

Thanks again.


So when you say “catalog mode”, it’s just used to display products. No online sales.

I am curious how commonly CC is used for this type of application. (For me it is 5 with sales and 3 with display only).

Hope it’s what you expected!


Yep, sure is. Thanks @Simone.

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I would think that quite a few e-commerce platforms are used in catalog-only mode. I’ve a few sites operating like that, though none that are currently running WP/CP and WC/CC (they’re older sites running “other” software which I haven’t yet migrated to CP/CC…but don’t tell anyone).

I think a catalog-only feature would be a useful addition to CC. This would avoid the need to install a plugin to disable core functionality. I think making CC more modular is the way to go.

Something to think about :thinking:


Possibly half the sites I have done using Woo have been catalogue sites. Using woo for the layout and ease of adding products.
On one “catalogue” site all the products were display only no Buy button
Only the order form page for customers to enter their requirements was Woo used to take a deposit payment
Previous version of the site, was just display site using a contact form and paypal, Using Woo was more work to set up but much more versatile once working.

Thanks for the input Mark. I suspect this is a fairly common usage. I have logged an enhancement request in GitHub re making this easier to set up in the back end. I think it could even be an option that is offered in the setup wizard.