A new CP installation is broken

Just installed CP on a hosting. I’ve tried to edit a theme, but the editor is broken. I see these errors in js console. Theme editor is empty, and a page doesn’t appear.

Does someone have the same problem?

Can you try switching to one of the twenty-something themes? Does it work then?

it does not. It’s on all the themes

I can’t reproduce this at all. Are you minifying the HTML or JS scripts?

No, just fresh installation

I suspect, then, that it’s a localization issue. It looks like your site is in Russian. Is that right? We don’t yet have that fully localized. See How to localize ClassicPress


Thank you so much! That is the solution!

I have another site in Russian and it is ok, but i’ve migrated from Wordpress 5.0 to CP.

For anyone reading this in the future: you need to download translation files from here and install it manually.


This sounds like something we need to fix. Can someone create a GitHub issue with steps to reproduce? (Install WP in Russian, migrate to CP, open the file/theme editor; anything else?)

There is a sequence to reproduce the problem: install CP, select core_RU in general settings. Almost all the parts of CP will be in russian, but theme editor is broken. It solves after the manual install of translation files.

Done: https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/323

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There is an experimental plugin that will let you use the language packs of WordPress for the locales that aren’t supported yet by ClassicPress. Around 55 string translations are missing.



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