About the Infrastructure category

Discussion, planning, and development for the ClassicPress Infrastructure team, which manages the official ClassicPress sites.

This category is a good place to ask questions about any of the official ClassicPress sites, including the plugin directory.

Building our own plugin directory is a key step for version 2 of ClassicPress, since we’ll be moving some older and less-used features out into “core plugins” that can be disabled or deleted.

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That sounds good - Top Level or under the Team Discussions category?

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Under Team Discussions is fine. This can also be a place for people to ask questions about our official sites.


Turns out we can’t have 2 nested categories, but I have given tags to all the threads about the plugin directory and moved them to the new #team-discussions:infrastructure. I have also archived the #staff:plugin-directory so if we want to move it back we can.