Add core multi-lingual infrastructure support

Multi-lingual support in WP has always been plugin territory (and probably should remain that way, to control core bloat). A few years back there was this project, led by Simon Wheatley, to give multi-lingual plugins (all bad/difficult implementations) some kind of core infrastructure, introducing a core language field, that would identify content language in the database ( It’s not an easy task, I know, but certainly this is an area where Classicpress could lead the way to a better multi-lingual content management. And a need for the enterprise market.

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Author: Alvaro Gois dos Santos

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This is actually what project Gutenberg is about in a certain phase (I don’t recall the precise phase). I think it is planned for the coming year in WP?

I see this petition has a status of duplicate.
This is the original, I can’t find that in the forums, but I could find Solid Solution For Multilanguage - Polylang + Codestyling L, and Internationalisation of ClassicPress, which seem related (but are not petitions)

Does anyone know where this duplicate is?

The topic is interesting at least, also because we need to consider this with relationships (at least prepare for it somehow while doing it)

I am closing this one as duplicate. Here’s the thread for the other petition:

Object relationships could probably serve as the base technology that translatable sites are built on.

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