Add editor shortcode-button hook

What annoys me, and certainly others, is the chaos in the post editor with the shortcodes. Each plugin sets an extra shortcode button. Wouldn’t it be possible, even sensible, to implement a hook in which ClassicPress plugins can hang in order to display their button in a central “shortcode buttons” menu?

The question is… will they use the new hook?
Almost all plugins use mce_buttons (mine too… sorry :sweat_smile:), while mce_buttons_2, mce_buttons_3 and mce_buttons_4 are already there for the second… third… forth row.

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Title changed from “ Editor Shortcode-Button Hook” to “Add editor shortcode-button hook” according to petition title guidelines.


I meant it differently. That there might be a hook mce_buttons_cp_menu in ClassicPress. You can attach the shortcode buttons of your plugin to this and there is then only one button in the MCE Editor, eg: “Available shortcodes” which opens a menu in which I can choose from all the buttons attached to the different plugins. That would be a step towards usability, after all, shortcodes are also like blocks in WordPress, if you could offer the clear overview as a power function. And it would make the MCE Editor look much more organized and professional.

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I agree that the editor should consolidate the shortcodes, but the editor doesn’t have any control over whether the plugin adds more buttons (well, it can’t tell which buttons are from plugins).

I wrote a proof of concept for making a menu of shortcodes, and didn’t follow through on writing the petition for it, so you have done that now…
See What do you think about enhancing shortcode usage? which has a link to the plugin to try it.

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That should be integrated in ClassicPress. This is a good concept, this is how the ClassicPress Editor should look the same.

I have no memory of this but looking at your post it seems I tried your proof of concept and thought it was very useful. I’ll take my word for it and give it my vote now.

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This petition will be closed, but you can monitor its progress on GitHub:

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