Add Encryption Functions to Core

A differentiation between WP and CP is that CP is business-focused by being an application development platform, not just for blogging. Part of business operation would be to store personal information which may need encryption due to GDPR recommendations or actual enforcement by data privacy laws. This petition suggests to include 2 functions to encrypt and decrypt data ( i.e. wp_encrypt() and wp_decrypt() ) which can be added in the formatting.php file under wp-includes folder.

A sample encryption and decryption function can be accessed at Line 72 onwards at

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Author: Raymund

Vote count: 5

Status: open


Petitioner decided this is not necessary in GutHub issue:

I apologize but I have to vote against my own proposal for encryption mechanisms within CP, core or core plugin. Encryption should not be made available to those who do not know programming or databases. If encryption is done with PHP, the developer should know PHP and should be able to check the database if data was indeed encrypted. E-commerce, e-learning or membership sites who need to encrypt data such as email, fullname, phone or address should approach this using codes and proper knowledge of encryption.

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