After switch to CP, should we temporarily keep the Classic Editor and Disable Gutenberg plugin

On a site I switched to CP yesterday, I had a very strange experience: the site (that had never been above WP 4.9.8) suddenly “upgraded” to WP 5.0.2, a few hours after its migration to CP. Maybe Softaculous behaving strangely (although being set to no update)? I still don’t understand (it was NOT on SiteGround, that force-upgraded thousands of sites, but with an hosting service that respects the decisions of its customers).

Anyway, I was able to restore from a BlogVault backup and switch to CP again then, it seems to remain stable now.

But while checking evewrything after that puzzling experience, a question came to my mind. Preventively, I had installed on all my sites the Classic Editor and Disable Gutenberg plugins, in order to make sure nothing bad would happen in case sites would be moved to Gutenberg by mistake or for some other reason.

My question: should I keep those two plugins active on my CP install, at least until the stable v.1 comes out, or could there be conflicts and would you advise to remove them?

The “update” to 5.0.2 sounds odd. It suggests that, for some reason, the site had not, in fact, switched over to ClassicPress.

Whether you keep the two plugins or not won’t really change anything. Both hook into Gutenberg and, since that’s not installed, they will just sit there inert.

Thank you for the answer about the plugins.

Yes, it is also perplexing to me that such a move to Gutenberg could take place - a few hours later - on a site that was clearly marked as ClassivPress in the WP admin panel. And it was definitely the newest version of the site that was there, not an older one.

Anyway, I will keep an eye on such odd behavior in case I come across another instance.

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