All In One WP Security and ClassicPress

In case it’s helpful to someone:
I’ve tested AIOWPS on ClassicPress.
I first installed ClassicPress Alpha version, installed the plugin, and set a few settings, initialised the file change scanner, etc. All was fine except that it said I was running Windows (I did the tests on a Mac running XAMPP) so I couldn’t access the File Permissions screen.
Then I overwrote the Alpha installation with the Beta version, and all was still fine. The manual file scanner of AIOWPS showed a large number of changed files, which is to be expected, and all other functions still looked fine, with the exception of the File Permissions screen as before.
So AIOWPS seems to largely pass the ClassicPress test.
I’ve also posted these findings in the repo support forum for the AIOWPS plugin.

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Does this happen on WordPress 4.9.9 or 5.0.1 too? I think the answer is probably yes, but it would be good to know.

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This is the best thing to do if you are having an issue that is not under the ClassicPress team’s direct control, such as security scanners detecting changed files, hosts not detecting ClassicPress correctly, etc.:

Tell their support team, as a user of their core product, what’s happening to your site and what you’d like to see instead.

The plugin author got back to me and said the Windows issue was an expected one because the plugin can’t change file permissions on Windows or Mac, only Apache (their words not mine).
This, despite the fact that XAMPP on Mac IS Apache! But I think this answers your question - it would be the same on WP as CP.

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