An alternative to CodePotent's Update Manager

As an extra option or alternative, if you’re not on github (like me) or don’t want to deal with their stuff.
I have a basic framework and server capacity to host updates as well.
The system is aimed at providing updates for premium plugins.

If there is interest I can probably develop something for free plugins as well.

At present it’s not really set up to be managed by multiple users/developers other than myself, but that’s mostly dashboard stuff.

I’ve developed my own update API which mimics the wordpress update server.
its been in use for a few years for my popular AdRotate plugin and a number of others and works great so far.

If you’re interested in providing updates, get in touch and lets discuss some options.

My website -
Telegram & twitter - @arnandegans


I’m considering developing a “free” api for standard free plugin updates.
As I wrote above currently I have a system for this mostly for premium plugins using a license key.

Is there interest in such a thing? Any input or suggestions? Would YOU as a plugin maker use it?
Let me know.

There is already the one created by CodePotent and now maintained by @Simone; what would yours offer which that one doesn’t?

My update server integrates with the existing update flow of WordPress/Classicpress.
End-users won’t know the difference.

Other than that it’ll probably be pretty similar - It’s just updates after all.

As mentioned above I’ve been using it for a few years now (for my premium AdRotate Pro plugin) to distribute updates (new versions) to end-users.

I’m not sure how this would work for developers yet. And I don’t have a streamlined API/code for integrating it into plugins. That’s all new territory.
But if there is interest, a lot is up for discussion of-course. And I’m sure there will be valuable input on how to set things up.

I imagine it’ll be something like submit a zipfile and me or a moderator(?) approves the update within a day or that goes automatically… And the update is made available as soon as the cache on my server updates.

CodePotent’s plugin allows devs to host the files where they want and serve updates on their own by including a file in the plugin. It works seamlessly with CP (people just get notified as usual and update).
It doesn’t add a step to submit the update for approval and it make sense because CP has a plugin directory (only listing plugins, not hosting them like WP that has a repo).
That way the plugin dev has complete ownership of the plugin and managing hosting/updates.

This is not about ownership or control.
CodePotents thing may very well work fine, but why should/may they be the only one?

The CP repo is just redirects to github basically.
When I tried to submit my plugin the approval was borked and I never heard from anyone again. So that’s unreliable at best (in my experience).
On top of that I don’t really use github, nor do I care to use it if I can avoid it (speaking of control and ownership eh?).

Hence the ‘need’ for a different system.

With Codepotent plugin 6ou don’t need GitHub. You host where you want.
And basically at present the directory is in BETA state still in testing.
People are working to release it.
And yes, the approval process might be slow because we are a small number and various things need to be done at the same time.
But you are right in one thing: there’s no reason that an unofficial CP repo is created.
Good luck when it is going to have the dimensions of WP one. That costs big money to maintain (and that is why the choice for a directory and not a repo among the many, and why codepotent plugin is right for the job because it keeps in mind that it’s the dev who releases the update and hosts the plugin where he wants and has the freedom not to list it in the directory, that for now handles GitHub but will accept also other sources in the future).
You can totally have a private, unofficial repo.
You can ask it’s linked with CP dashboard like the WP one is.
But before criticizing, imho you should know the reasons for choices made and why things are proceeding at a slow pace.
Have you seen the 1.4 release? That was in preparation for a LONG time. People were getting the idea it would take forever to release.
Well, guess what? We released it only to discover major bugs in it that broke sites. It’s good taking the time to do things well in certain cases. The directory is one of those things.
@anon66243189 as concerns the approval of new plugins, what is the ETA at this time?
Or are they suspended untill later time?

@azurecurve is the one to ask about this one.
Looking at the previous several new plugins I think the review is pretty much fast.

@arnandegans what plugin of yours has not been reviewed but submitted?
If you can provide the name or slug or else identifier we can locate the submission and get things done.

Perhaps it was a hiccup, the review process is usually really a question of hours or days, and it shouldn’t happen that you never hear back on follow ups.

About the update plugin/api you mention, you’re free to develop and publish one. There’s no rule that one must use the Update Manager by codependent/simone. My plugins for example get their updates from the wp repo since they always available on both worlds.
I’m sure the more options the better, since „competition“ creates better products in a healthy world :smiley:

However depending on your spare time and workload it might be unsuitable to invest the time into it, that entirely depends on your plans and availability of course.

CP itself (on a very long term) theoretically has plans to ship updates through core, but that is very, very far away.

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@arnandegans please PM me if you want the title to be changed.

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It seems I’ve not been receiving alerts about plugin submissions (the email is arriving at the gmail account when I look at it in the browser, but they’ve not been coming to my phone).

I’ll get the three pending review done, but I don’t see one for @arnandegans other than Ad Rotate which was approved some time ago.

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While I might use the WP or CP repo/directory I would not be willing to use a third party system for managing updates.

The current Update Manager works well as the developer controls their own update server and is not reliant on a third party.

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@azurecurve From my understanding there was an issue with something Github related, the link or something, for AdRotate. Then I never heard from anyone again.
Anyway, that’s besides the point of this topic.

As for starting an update service - :man_shrugging: I’ll probably make something for my own plugins and call it a day.