Another new ClassicPress site

Quick share of a new ClassicPress-built site by ZigPress:

This one has been 4 months in the making, from design concept to finished site (populated by the client). It has a custom theme that makes heavy use of Advanced Custom Fields Pro as a page builder.

It’s bilingual and I can confirm that Polylang Pro works well on ClassicPress :smiley: So does Fluent Forms Pro, Ninja Tables Pro and SEOPress Pro.

There are still some kinks to be worked out but I’m pleased with it overall.


I have found an issue with a menu link.

When I hover on About, I can see the URL being, but when I click it, it does not do anything.

If I navigate to that link manually, it redirects me to

Is this the expected behavior?

Other than that, very nice work; well done @anon95694377 :100:

This is because if you’re on a device that doesn’t have “hover” (e.g. a tablet), if the top menu item of a dropdown actually went to a link on click, rather than just opening the dropdown, you’d never get to see the dropdown. (Edit: because you can’t open the dropdown on hover, so you have to open it on click).

I should probably add a title or aria attribute that says “open sub-menu” or something like that.