Another newbie general inquiry

Hi guys, that’s really a great initiative and congrats to all of you working hard to make this happen!

I tried to read here and there what’s happening but I’m a bit lost with so many messages and places where they are posted… Will try to find my way but it would be wise, at some point, to have separate forums/threads for devs or users just wanting to implement sites and wanting to know how this project will help them.

I still didn’t find answers for the following general questions and would be happy if someone can provide any insight at this point:

  • How CP will keep up with WP updates in the future? Will they be implemented the same way they currently are with WP?
  • Will Automattic plugins and themes (such as Jetpack) be available for installation the same way as with WP?
  • Are there any plans to improve the Media Library - at least with the way it stores files, which is limited to a single folder or by year/month?



Great to have you here, and thank you for the feedback.

As we’re still pretty new, there are a number of areas lacking on the public facing side of things, including an effective FAQ. We’re working on the questions and answers in the forum at the moment, and once they’re ready we’ll put them up on a dedicated page on the website.

To answer your questions:

  • We’ll be keeping up with any security issues or bug fixes from the WordPress 4.9.8 branch. Generally WordPress keeps security fixes going for a few years, so it’s a logistics issue for us in the backend, but we’ve got some pretty clever automations in place for that
  • Plugins will still be available in exactly the same way for the foreseeable future
  • I’d recommend checking out the petitions site to see if anyone has mentioned the media library. If not, this is your opportunity to start a petition with any ideas you might have :slight_smile:

Great, well noted and many thanks!


I like your idea for the Media Library - I went to petitions and could not find an entry dealing with that idea - I am sure you are more familiar with what is needed and would love to vote for this if you put it up.

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Yep, there is a lot of room for improvement in there!
As I found this existing petition active I just voted for it and there’s no need to start a new one: