Anyone using Mautic or something similar for email marketing?

I am about to get up and running with mautic for a self hosted marketing solution. Here are some of the reasons I love mautic:

  • It’s a free self hosted open source software (Just like ClassicPress :slight_smile: )
  • You can host unlimited number of subscribers (bye to limited email contacts)
  • Fun implementating it your self from scratch.

If you are using mautic or any other similar software, what are the things I should look out for, like best practices for using it securely, and any other stuff I am not aware of.


I have used Mautic in the past, and CP was originally set up using Mautic. I have since moved to paid solutions because I always felt like Mautic was cobbled together (just a personal opinion).

If you are looking for an email newsletter solution I would consider MailCoach, it is also self hosted.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll check it out.

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I also recall that Mautic seemed to increase page load time quite significantly.

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Are you using it on lemp or lamp stack?

I’ve never used it myself. I spent a bit of time optimising the CP site and I remember that Mautic seemed to be quite a resource hog.


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