Automatic Updates to core

I just created a fresh install, by uploading a copy of CP 1.4.1 to my host, creating a blank database and then navigating to the URL and going thru the “Famous 5 second” install procedure.

I was surprised when I was asked to login with the new credentials that I had just created, I am pretty certain that normally I just click thru to the dashboard.

This time after being required to login and arriving at the dashboard, I was thanked for trying “ClassicPress 1.4.2!”

Am I imagining this or did the install update itself?

If you install an earlier version, it will auto-update to minor versions unless you change this line in wp-config:

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', 'minor' );

Are you saying add that to the sample wp-config?

That is not only not user-friendly, I don’t know if it is developer friendly. :open_mouth:

I think that line should already be in the wp-config.php file (not the sample one).

Changing minor to false would stop all auto updates.

It might be that the default is true which would also apply major updates automatically and I have changed mine at some point to minor.

just checked a new site and that line isn’t present by default so it would need to be added to wp-config.php with the required value.

I will give it a try, thank you for the answer, even though I hate it. :upside_down_face:

Maybe I should start a petition? :rofl:

You don’t need to add it. CP does minor updates automatically, as you have demonstrated. This is different from WP.

Right, we are struggling to stop it.

If you want to completely stop automatic updates, add the following line to wp-config.php:

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

That should stop them once and for all.

Yes victor, that is part of the standard edits I make on all my sites.

In this particular instance I am still in a developmental state, but I used an html page importer and I added so many pages that needed further editing(broken links), that my local version is workin like “dial up” and I was attempting to clone it to an fresh online install to continue working on it.

That’s not what your question was. You shouldn’t stop the updates, as that is a feature to keep your site with the latest minor.

Oops, you are right, that is what I was trying to do but I never stated it.

I guess I feel like there are two schools of thought and I am from the “I want control of my software” camp. :slight_smile:

Reasonable enough. Anyway, CP minor versions won’t hurt you. Imagine you are on vacation and a minor update solves a security problem. Why not?

Anyway, I dislike automated updates too.

I am still thinking about starting a petition! :thinking:

ClassicPress uses SemVer, so only major can break your site.
I think this is why minor and patch updates are by default automatically installed, and agree with this choice.


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