Banners and other resources

I’ve finally got round to sorting the header of my site so that I can have a banner advert in the header.

Does ClassicPress have any resources like this available (I’ve looked around and not found any)?

Are there other images or adverts which can be used?

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At this point, I think there are only the brand assets and these two banner-ish images. Note that those banner images will be added to the brand assets page, though I’m not sure who is handling that.

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Yeah, I think that’s the case too, but I thought if I asked the question, it might prompt someone to create something :stuck_out_tongue:

I have sites getting 10k and 20k visits a month I’d happily include a banner on


Ha! Perhaps you should chime in on this

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From @james on Slack, there was a discussion on GitHub about banners as well. See them here:

Discussion here:

@damiebee this would be great, and note I’ve replied in another thread where someone already asked for this exact thing you’re suggesting. Here are some resources that should help:

Let us know here in this thread if you have any questions!

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A wide banner for a page header would be good too. Think leaderboard might be the standard name.

@azurecurve I’m working on brand guidelines over the holidays and laying the foundation for these and other assets to be produced as time goes on. Can you be more specific about sizes & formats that you’d like to see?

@damiebee if you’d like to join me over on the Design Forum I’ll be adding tasks there. Thanks so much for offering your help!

Let’s go! I can create something in under 10 minutes (as I’m sure you can). Whoever is doing branding, can this guy get a banner please?

Hi @BlueSkyPhoenix,

Standard leaderboard (728x90px) and I could use something in a side bar max 280px wide and not too tall.

@voltaire, if you’d like to contribute banner art, feel free to submit your image for review over in the design forum.

Thank you.

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your feedback. Thank you to James @james and Voltaire @voltaire too.

I am happy to help in anyway I can. In fact, I would love to be a Committee member one day - I just want to make sure I can be a dedicated part of the team.

Right now, I am currently on vacation, but plan to periodically work. I will be able to provide a lot more time when I return home. Thanks for your work on the branding guidelines and marketing strategies. Marketing and branding is important to get ClassicPress to the masses!!!

I will head over to the Design Forum and keep an eye out on tasks there.
Thanks very much.

Kind Regards,
Damian Baker