BeClassicPress Discussion

In the interest of transparency, we have decided to cancel the upcoming meeting to discuss BeClassicPress as we believe it would be best given the current state of things that the future directors of ClassicPress be the ones to meet on this matter.


Hi @wadestriebel As said even in private, I don’t think it’s okay that you leave but that there is a shock to the whole project, no one has accused or challenged people, the slow way of doing things has been questioned, and the solution it was not to leave classicpress but to say ok we appreciated your correction on our ways we will try to improve in responding and in speeding up the various dynamics also by bringing people into the project.

As for Riccardo, unfortunately, as soon as he is told NO he is like a child who has been denied the toy and then starts to cry as hard as he can, unfortunately this is the way it is, in fact he was told NO for a question concerning the group. and after 3 seconds he wrote that