Better WYSIWYG editors

Gutenberg project is cool… but designed for final users.

Developpers need more fexibility according to projects requirments.

we should be able to choose editor we want for each project !

My proposal is to add and maintain the 3 best WYSIWYG editors to the ClassicPress core !

Let’s vote for that :slight_smile:

  2. CKEditor 5 | Powerful Framework with Modular Architecture
  4. Redactor WYSIWYG html editor
  5. Mercury Editor: The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

(it is a quick list, there is still a lot ! add yours…)

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Author: Yannick

Vote count: 4

Status: Declined (Unactionable)


  • difficulty-hard
  • request-modify-feature


Just noting that we do have a dedicated WYSIWYG editor plugin for ClassicPress.


@Code_Potent clicked on your link and get redirected to
Can’t get to at the moment

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I don’t see anything amiss on this end. Tried in several browsers and also while logged-in and logged-out. The site seems to be working fine. Here’s a link to the downloadable if the issue persists for you.

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This petition will close. At this time no action can be taken on this petition. There is currently an effort to upgrade TinyMCE from v4 to v5 and it’s a large effort since it requires a lot of work to function in ClassicPress core. There’s also a lot of work that needs to be done to make it backward compatible.

Providing multiple editors isn’t feasible or necessary for the core. If there’s a need, a plugin developer can create a plugin to introduce a new editor to replace TinyMCE. But that needs to be in a plugin, enabled on individual websites as needed so it doesn’t affect all CP users.