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Suggested Blog Topics (add yours directly to the list below):

  • Where is CP headed? --> Completed
  • Why CP? (Business case for CP) --> Completed
  • Plugin forks and development
  • ETA on v1 --> Completed
  • Informal interviews of committee/community members - could be recurring. —> In progress
  • How-to
    • use GitHub
    • contribute even if you don’t know how to code
    • create a feature plugin
    • become an official/unofficial CP brand ambassador
    • write tests for open PRs
  • Getting involved with CP -> In Progress
  • How ClassicPress core development works
  • Meet the committee members (general intro to give some background… and a pic!) --> In Progress

This is a wiki so everyone can add their ideas above!

If you wish to discuss specific details surrounding a topic listed above please create a new thread under the Marketing subforum :slight_smile:

Blog post draft/discussion: ETA on v1
February 19th Committee Meeting
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I’m not sure I can help with writing anything much (in fact, I’ll be very interested to read those articles myself). But I can help with proof reading and general editing.


Thank you for the offer, I am sure we will take you up on that!

Are there any other topics you would like us to cover?


I’ll think about this and add them as they occur to me. One is a general “intro to the committee members” which I’ve just added to the list. There is one about Michelle, but I think it would be nice to know a bit more about everyone on the committee (both work-related and some outside interests) and maybe see a face. That would make it more personal.

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I think we’re in need of a blog post for next Monday – can someone please take that on?

Thank you!

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I think that we can do a blogpost or a thread about: what is missing for you in ClassicPress project to let you to contribute it?

Maybe you can find a more short and engaging title but will be helpful for us to understand what we are lacking on getting more contributors and let people to join discussions.


Great – is there someone who could write it? I’m short on time this week…

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I can put in my todo list to write this article, any deadline? In that way I can organize on my own :slight_smile:

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I written a draft

Blog Post Discussion: Getting Involved with CP

That takes me to a page saying:

There’s been a glitch…


I can’t see it either – it takes me to the same page Wade sees…


Sorry I forgot to set the permission to access that page. Now you should be able to access and edit :slight_smile:


I’m still getting the Glitch page :confused:


Changed again the permission but require to access to be logged to our slack instance


Yup, I can see it now! :slight_smile:


I’ll take a look when I can get back to my desk — thank you Daniele!