BlogVault expected to work with ClassicPress

Since I moved to WP, I have been a great fan of BlogVault. This India-based backup and migration service has proved very reliable, offering also one-click restore and staging options. More recently, it has added plugin management. Warmly recommended.

Moving sites to ClassicPress and losing the security and other adantages provided by BlogVault would have meant a real step back for me. I asked BlogVault support. A week ago, I have received the following answer:

BlogVault will work on ClassicPress. All our features will work the same :slight_smile:

Of course, I will test it in due time (waiting for post-beta v.1), but those have been great news for me. I assume that other CP users or future users might be interested as well.


That’s great news!


This is very good news! I was seriously thinking of moving to BlogVault. For now, I am going to migrate my site using WP all in one migration and see if that works. I think it will!

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Good! Let us know if it worked.

FYI: I have migrated a CP site from one host to another using BlogVault. It has worked flawlessly. The only thing I had to do was to fulfill a BlogVault requirement: to have a WP / CP install already in place on the target website. Since I couldn’t change the nameservers before the migration was done, and I had obviously no option of one-click Installatron or Softaculous install for CP on the new server, I did a manual FTP install of CP on the new server. And then the migration of the site from BlogVault took place in a few minutes. No issue at all.