BulletproofSecurity Wizard help

Hello all, brand-new personal site and just wanting to make sure I’m doing all I can to make sure it’s secure. I chose Bulletproof based on reco in the wiki page in this thread. I ran the setup wizard but frankly not sure if I should change any of the defaults.

Any suggestions?

I’m adding one plugin at a time just to make sure we don’t have any sudden conflicts. Thanks!

@robf are you still using Bulletproof with your CP sites? Any recommendations here?

I haven’t used Bulletproof myself, so can’t recommend anything. But, if Bulletproof doesn’t work out try Shield Security. That’s what I use. They also do officially support ClassicPress.

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Yes, @viktor, still using Bulletproof Security Pro which works very well for me, and very reasonable one off payment for multiple sites. I can’t vouch for bulletproof free version though as I have always used pro on both WordPress and classicpress. BPS Pro has a lot of settings so may be too complicated for some, but definitely does the job

The plugin author is normally very helpful via bulletproof forums, though I have had no reason to contact since early days of classicpress when he was very helpful in liaising with James to sort an issue (sorted by fixing an issue in CP) - see earlier threads on this forum

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