Can site revert back to WP after Migration?

I just migrated a site from WP to CP using the plugin. Everything successful.

Edited a Page no problem.

Disabled Classic Editor plugin from WP figuring I would no longer need it.

Wrote post. Published post.

Upon publishing post I was immediately taken to the Block Editor including the welcome overlay.

I went to dashboard. Dashboard had reverted to WordPress 6.0.1.

Ran Classicpress migration plugin again. It confirmed I was back to Wordpress 6.0.1. Converted again. Seemed successful again.

Reactivated Classic Editor plugin because I’m spooked.

What gives, can a migrated site somehow, revert back to Wordpress?

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Hi Brad, welcome to ClassicPress forum.

It shouldn’t revert back as there is no mechanism for that. However, there are possible ways it could happen.

  1. How was your WordPress installed? Did you use any installers such as Softaculuous or Installatron or any other installers they came bundled with your hosting?
  2. Are you by any chance using managed WordPress hosting? Just making sure.

When I’m at my desk, I’ll run a few tests with migration plugin to double check. But so far no issues have been reported.

Looking forward to your answers.

P.S. Thanks for contributing on Open Collective. We really do appreciate your support :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Some hosting a have one click WordPress installers that can revert CP to WP. But this happened during updates and I think was fixed…
Might be worth checking with your hosting provider also to understand if they are aware that CP is a fork of WP and it should stay as CP.

WordPress was installed by a one-click installer. The installer is somethinng cooked up by Siteground, in house.

Thank you for the replies.

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Personally I don’t use site ground, worth telling them CP exists because it seems their installer interprets the migration as a malicious change in core files and reverts them. If they are made aware they can change the installer script to avoid this.

That makes sense now. SiteGround has a custom automatic updater for WordPress. ClassicPress is technically seen by it as WordPress 4.9, so it runs the update and brings you back to version 6.

You may want to contact SiteGround support to see if they can disable it or modify their updater to recognize ClassicPress. We can provide more details if we know how they check for updates. Maybe you can send a link to this thread, so their team can review it.

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It was the automatic updater. Siteground support says they have disabled the updater for the entire site but asked me to let them know if it happens again.

Hopefully this will hold.

Again, thank you to everyone for your help.


That’s great. Do let us know if that happens again. I’ll make sure to add a note to our documentation about Siteground’s automatic updater.


Yes, a known issue with Siteground indeed. I had tested them for a site, but gave up hosting it with them after I encountered a similar issue with automatic updating. Support was kind, but, based on that experience I had, I wouldn’t advise using them for a CP site.


I’ve contacted Siteground, asking if they were willing to tweak their updater to recognize CP. They said they will get back to me. So if I hear anything, I’ll update this topic.


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