Can this plugin have new life


One very good plugin I always used.
The plugin is called CKEditor for WordPress
The plugin has not been updated for more than 3 years
And it’s very long time in conflict with WP and than with CP
Can any of you add a new life to this appendix
Currently I use WP edit as an alternative
But wp edit is worse than CKEditora


You could look at


TInyMCE Advanced has got all sorts of Gutenberg stuff in it now. It broke my installation of Crayon. I suspect similar behavior with any other plugins that have to do with the editor or adding any buttons to it.


Yeah, I saw that. But it still seemed to have the same toolbar options for TinyMCE.

Took another look and yes, it’s talking about the classic editor block :frowning_face:


Right. I guess what I was getting at is that it’s probably not going to be a long-term solution.


Interesting to read that TinyMCE Advanced has now all sorts of Gutenberg stuff in it. Until now, I had not noticed that on sites where I use it along with CP, but this is important information indeed. I would be quite interested to know which advanced editor(s) other participants to this forum would recommend with long-term CP compatibility in mind?


What would make a lot of sense, since CP tries to be business focused, is to make advance TinyMCE either part of core or a core plugin. TinyMCE does already have plenty of advanced features, that’s what Advanced TinyMCE plugin was doing - bringing original features back in. WordPress uses stripped down version.


@viktor is probably right.

But by far the best editor for WP/CP that I know of is Froala:

The problem is that Froala is not free. Actually, it’s quite expensive:


This is off-topic, but I have used Summernote in a project of mine and loved it:


I thought Summernote looked really good when I last investigated editors, but I haven’t actually tried it. Good to know!


There was another discussion related to TinyMCE.

That’s why I thought sticking with TinyMCE and bringing advance functionality back might make more sense.


Indeed, it seems like it would be a good idea to fork/archive an older version of the Advanced TinyMCE plugin without the newer Gutenberg features.

Any takers?


As @viktor mentioned WP uses a modified version of TinyMCE. Therefore it would make sense to integrate the original distribution of the editor (perhaps as plugin because it is updated regularly).


Thank you for the information. I did not know Froala, but the price is quite high indeed. Unless they offetr some big discount some day, I will probably stick with other options. Well, they obviously target… the business market… :thinking:


I think @CodePotent is working on this now.


True story. Here it is: WYSIWYG Advanced.


Thank you for your work! I will install it on my CP sites! I assume that it is better to disable TinyMCE Advanced (or any other editing plugin) first?


It’s only just been forked – consider it beta. Please see the readme for installation.

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