Can you adopt a Code Potent plugin?

If you’re using any Code Potent plugins, please read this post to understand how this may (or may not) affect your site(s) – even if you have no interest in adopting a plugin, this information will be useful to you.

Update: 11 of 12 plugins are adopted; see detailed list below.

About Eligibility

First, let’s talk about eligibility. I’m not going to turn over any plugins to some rando who blows in overnight. That said, I’m also not necessarily vetting potential adopters in any substantial way. The following criteria will be absolute requirements:

  1. Must have gained at least Trust Level 2 on the forums
  2. Must have an online presence indicating ClassicPress involvement
  3. Must have a public Github account
  4. Must be known by a real name

Additionally, preference will be given to those who have involved themselves with Code Potent plugins such as by submitting ideas, issues, pull requests, or creating companion projects for a given plugin. Preference will also be given to those with higher Trust Levels on the forum. Note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee a plugin will be transferred to you; these are just the very minimal requirements and I will weigh each request independently. Decisions will be made solely at the discretion of Code Potent.

If the above criteria is not stringent enough for your operation, now would be the time to start looking for alternate plugin solutions. You do have a bit of time to make the decision as support will continue for awhile; more on that shortly. Nevertheless, if you are leaning toward finding new plugins (rather than sticking with the adopter of a Code Potent plugin) it is recommended to get on top of it.

About Support

I will continue to provide updates for security through the end of the year (2021), or until the given plugin is adopted, whichever is sooner. This probably won’t amount to much considering that, in the 2+ years of releasing plugins for the ClassicPress ecosystem, not a single security issue has been raised on any of these plugins. This is more of a grace period to allow you to find new solutions, if needed. During this period, the plugins are considered “frozen” – that is, no new features or code (with the exception of any needed security updates) will be introduced.

About the Repos

The original repo(s) will be transferred to your Github account. Any plugins not adopted will be discontinued. For several reasons, I don’t want these plugins to end up in the research repository – for one thing, these are production-ready plugins which are already installed across the ecosystem, and are in no way “research” projects. In other words, please adopt a plugin if you want it to live on! My plugins are laser-focused and this means the codebases are super-tiny in most cases – which means they are zero effort to maintain.

About Updates

My plugins are integrated with the Update Manager plugin (which is also up for adoption,) so, you will need to be running it (at least initially) in order for me to make the change. This allows me to point the update URL at your server and push an update out to current end-users. At that point, you can continue using the Update Manager plugin to serve your updates – I 100% expect that plugin will be adopted – or you can use your own preferred mechanism.

Plugins Available for Adoption

Each plugin’s repo contains a full description and documentation.

  1. Carbon Copy (adopted)
  2. Disable FLoC (adopted)
  3. Discourse Stats
  4. Enriched Editor (adopted)
  5. Estimated Read Time (adopted)
  6. Head Cleaner (adopted)
  7. PHP Error Log Viewer (adopted)
  8. Registration Honeypot (adopted)
  9. Shortcodes Everywhere (adopted)
  10. Timeless Text (adopted)
  11. Update Manager (adopted)
  12. Username Protection (adopted)

How to Adopt

Click my avatar and send a direct message. Be sure to include your site URL, Github URL, and the name of the plugin(s) you want to adopt. If you want to include extra information such as why you’re a good fit to take on the plugin(s), please feel free. Everything included will be read and considered.

The Burning Question

You’re probably wondering why I’m giving up my plugins for adoption. Well, in a nutshell, Code Potent is leaving the ClassicPress ecosystem. Mostly, it has been the lack of growth. After 2.5 years, there are approximately 250 (cumulative) installations of these plugins, spanning 197 unique domains. Given that Code Potent plugins are installed on the vast majority of ClassicPress sites, it has become apparent that creating a “freemium” plugin shop is just not a workable plan. I’ve invested a lot of time and money in the project – and I don’t regret it one bit – it’s just time to shift focus back to paying gigs. For what it’s worth, I’m leaving the project on good terms and with no bad feelings, and with a lot of love for those who have helped to make Code Potent a staple in the ClassicPress ecosystem. Should you need to contact me, you can still use Slack, forum DMs, or even the Github repos. :slight_smile:

Further discussion

While I can appreciate that you may still have questions about my departure, I’ve said all I’m going to on the matter. And there’s no need for long goodbyes – even though I won’t necessarily be active here anymore, I’m still just a DM away, after all. So, please limit the discussion here to plugin adoption. :slight_smile:


@Simone and @azurecurve – both longstanding and trusted community members – have offered to adopt a handful of the plugins. I’d like to extend my thanks to them both for stepping up to the task, and for making the process painless for end users. Both are fairly well-versed with the standard Code Potent plugin structure, code style, and general operation. I have 100% confidence in both of them and am happy to be passing the torch on to such diligent hands.


@james has offered to adopt the Enriched Editor and PHP Error Log Viewer plugins. The Enriched Editor is one of the most critical plugins for ClassicPress; this is great news! There are just a few plugins left.


Well, 11 of the 12 plugins have been adopted! That leaves just the “Discourse Stats” plugin without an owner…and I think I was the only one using it, so, I’m calling the adoption process a smashing success.

To those who have adopted, I will be in touch via Slack to finalize the process with you. Thanks so much for ensuring that the end-users have a smooth transition, and allowing these plugins to live on. :slight_smile:

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A few of the plugin adoptions were finalized today. I won’t say which ones, but, I’m sure there will be some sort of announcement here on the forum. I can report, however, that the process was quite smooth and trouble-free.

Which reminds me…

99% of the things I worry about never happen…which means worrying totally works!



Well, all the adoptions are now complete! The Discourse Stats plugin didn’t make the cut since nobody was actually using it, but, the other 11 plugins shall live on. I have to admit, processing through the plugins and adoptions has been bittersweet, but, I’m confident they will thrive under their new leadership and management.

Much love!