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The login header URL points to ClassicPress, which of course is very nice for ClassicPress, but I would like to think that anyone would expect to be taken (back) to the homepage of the site when clicking on it.
I always change it on any of the sites I build for clients, but I would like to petition this to be changed so the default becomes the homepage of the site.

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Author: Pieter Bos

Vote count: 15

Status: open


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It appears using a custom logo on the login page does set the URL to the site home page?


Yes it does. And I think it is the adequate thing to happen.

If the standard logo (CP or WP) is shown, I do not see why someone would expect that to lead to the website’s homepage. It is a WP (for WP users) or a CP logo, and thus … obviously links to the instance it represents.

Luckily CP users can change that logo easily. WP users can’t (within the GUI)… but that is not our problem :stuck_out_tongue:
So I would say this petition is a nay, it is ok the way it is, IMO, agreed.


Agreed. This petition no longer needs action, since a custom logo already leads to the site’s home page.


I agree, custom image solution is the right approach here.


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