Change Slogan of ClassicPress

I wrote a small post about real differences between ClassicPress and WordPress, that shortly goes over the true advantages of using CP vs WP (which is not security, that much is sure).

Doing so, I found that CP does have massive and real advantages towards WP:
Size and Speed.
We never mention that however in any of our catchphrases or introduction.

What I could not confirm was that we bring some sort of enhanced security. If anything, all I noticed was at least one security issue more than WP has (even if a non-issue, it is still flagged in Lighthouse as a problem: jQuery is outdated. And that is now being addressed, but it will take time to resolve).

I vote to change our slogan from
Stable. Secure. Instantly Familiar.
Stable. Lightweight. Instantly Familiar.

I have the directors agreement on this it seems, but a vote shall show if the broader community agrees.
The new slogan would be both not “stretching the truth” unnecessarily, and actually communicate the real advantage of CP (and it is a important advantage)

I agree changing the Slogan
  • Yes
  • No

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This poll closes august 30th.


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We’ve a landslide vote here.
300% more voters than even voted on “what plugins you need in cp” lol… and a clear agreement.

One would say this vote was faked, if it where real world democracy :sweat_smile:

@james is a git Ticket needed to do something in core code?
I will update the main website tomorrow if that’s ok.

Then we likely also need to check other instances (not sure where we use this slogan else)

Please let me know where I might be able to change (comes to mind the doc site, for sure)


It might also be helpful to search Google for the current slogan in quotes.


We need to update social media accounts.


Just opening a pull request and linking back to this thread is fine.

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Does this refer to the About page?

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I think that was Slogan 1.0.0

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That article is pure gold, you did a great job.

I would like to add one thing, just as a mere point of view, and well aware of the fact that the voting is closed.

The thing is, right now there might not be a big security difference, but if it is a goal to keep things secure, maybe it’s not a bad idea to keep the word in there (instead of changing the slogan again in the future).

But also having a long list of adjectives: “Stable, secure, lightweight, instantly familiar”… may be too much.

Probably it’s not instantly familiar for everyone, since that means we are assuming all CP users come from WP. Maybe the user will just have found CP as his/her first CMS ever :slight_smile:

So, my opinion if it counts, would be something like: “Stable. Secure. Lightweight”.

Even though there isn’t much difference in security with WP, it still is a secure CMS (so there is no lie).

The other way it seems CP is just comparing to WP.

But yeah, it’s just a subtle detail anyway, just wanted to express what I feel about it.


There is actually a small security problem at the moment with CP that is (hopefully) soon going to be addressed. But until it’s sorted I don’t think we can promote “secure”. Details here:


Remaining which I cannot update:
@wadestriebel can you update that?
GIT Description (GitHub - ClassicPress/ClassicPress: The CMS for Creators. Stable. Secure. Instantly Familiar. Fork)

I was typing + updating things before I read your post.
Should have waited, the idea is not bad.

Too late now :stuck_out_tongue:
But we might keep this for some future moment (perhaps when we updated TinyMCE, jQuery and have an update mechanism and then really can go with “secure”.)


Why didn’t I think of this? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is a much more powerful slogan. All points are one word. Every word is two syllables. (Well, “stable” sounds like two syllables.) Packs a strong punch.

“Stable” is two syllables. :wink:

It seems like you could have different slogans in different places. If they all are accurate, why not?

oh you’re right… But we Filipinos usually pronounce it as is–tay–ball :sweat_smile: