Changing the permalink

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My site is set up as https://Site Name/Year/Month/Post Title.

Not sure if this is the most optimized way, but when I originally started, it seemed the best way.

The problem I have is that the Post title is the only part that can be edited so that I add a post for a previous year or month, the permalink cannot be changed so looks different to when I want it to look like it is published.

I don’t do this often, but from time to time need to put an extra post in say a week ago to give background to the existing article, and I am at the beginning of the month then the month will be the wrong month.

The question is can I change this or is it hardwired in as such and I just have to live with it.

Many Thanks

You can edit the date a post is published on. That should get you what you want. Take a look at the options in the Publish/Update box on each page and post edit screen.

Tim’s suggestion is best if you would like to keep your existing structure.

However, if you feel that it is time for you to change your permalink structure (for example, if you would like to remove the date from it):
Edited: Have a look at this article:

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Generally speaking, bear in mind that changing your URL structure will probably cause you to lose search rank since any pages you have indexed will then be 404s. Also, anywhere else you’ve linked those pages will also be broken links. In order to get around this, you’ll need to take a careful accounting (ie, with a scanning plugin of sorts) for every single URL you have now and setup proper 301 redirects (permanently moved) for each URL There’s a plugin for that… :slight_smile:

Many (most?) of us use the Post name for SEO purposes; using the date schema can make your content seem old.


Many thanks, will take a look at tims suggestion.

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