Classic SEO 0.5.3 release

New Classic SEO Release

Version 0.5.3 issued today, 21st December 2019.

Whats New

  • Fixes issue #30 on GitHub where the wrong message was given when the word count was between 500 and 600 words. Props to @zigpress.

  • Further minor tweaks to AIOSEO import.

  • Minor CSS tweaks.

Please take a full database backup before trying the import!


Download from here or via the updater.


I think it worth adding that release 0.5.x is likely to be the point at which Classic SEO and Rank Math part ways.

Classic SEO is a fork of RM 1.0.33 and up until recently, I’ve tried to backport some of the main RM updates into Classic SEO.

But as of version 1.0.36, Rank Math has got itself a one-way ticket to Gutenberg.

There were many reasons for choosing RM over Yoast to use as a base for Classic SEO, including:

  • It seemed a popular choice with the ClassicPress community
  • It was Guten-free
  • Reasonably lightweight at 30K lines of code, compared with 50K for Yoast (approx.)
  • Well featured

Now that it has joined the Gutenberg club, I will only aim to backport any security fixes that affect 1.0.33 - 1.0.35.