Classic SEO Beta 1 Released

Classic SEO Beta1 is now available.

The first Beta version of Classic SEO has been released today.

The main change is that the plugin now uses @Code_Potent’s Update Manager. You’ll still need the GitHub Updater (by Andy Fragen) to receive the beta1 update but after that, you should remove it. You’ll be notified of Classic SEO updates automatically.

The other significant change is that the plugin has moved to its new ClassicPress Plugins home on GitHub, giving it official ClassicPress status.

As always, feedback would be gratefully received and testers are always needed.

Download from or let the GitHub Update do its job one last time.


In order to strip bloat even more, can you consider making the text analysis functionality to the dashboard switchable functionality, like 404 monitor, link counter, redirections, etc.? I mean, the functionality under text editor in posts, under “Genaral” tab: Focus Keyword and everything below: Basic SEO, Additional, Title & Content readability. And, maybe, merge the General tab with “Advanced” tab after that.

Because I never found anyone using this functionality in RankMath or similar in Yoast. But, maybe, I just not lucky enough.


Personally I would consider that to be core functionality of an SEO plugin. Disabling this would remove the only place to edit post meta titles and descriptions which I suggested via a petition ( that these be included in core. The consensus seems to be that these elements are plugin territory.

Having said that, I’m happy to consider making this modular for those that don’t use this feature and I’ve added an issue on GitHub (

I’d welcome feedback from other Classic SEO, Rank Math and Yoast users.


Experimenting for the first time with CP, installing this plugin.
WOW!! Amazing plugin.
Thanks a lot !!!


Welcome to the ClassicPress forums @ctuxboy and thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

It’s always good to receive feedback especially from new users. I hope you continue to enjoy using CP and Classic SEO and if you have any questions at all, you know where we are.

Classic Commerce (a fork of WooCommerce) will soon be joining Classic SEO but you can already test it by downloading from GitHub. That will be in beta very soon too.


Thanks man!
Testing CP a few days now and i’m a BIG FAN!!!
My next webproject('s) developing for sure with CP!!!
I have also basic experience building simple plugins, this is my chance, as ‘early adopter’ (after 2 years realesed CP :innocent: building plugins for a CMS that matter!!!
That’s my first plugin building a few years ago for WP:

I make this plugin at the first time for a client that want set his own notifications, example: i’m on closed from 01/02/20 until 14/02/20
But i don’t want the client do this on a page or post, so my client has no webdesign experience and was afraid ‘broken’ a page or post. That was the reason building this form him.
How it works:

  • Adding the shortcode [alerter] on a place on your page or post, and go to Dashboard > Alerter > adding your text, color, enable/disable the text on your website.
    I don’t update yet for a few years now, tested and works perfectly on CP.
    Now with this newly CMS i have motivation update it as soon as possible for CP :slightly_smiling_face:

I big plus i will try also the Update Manager plugin from @Code_Potent .
Thanks a lot guys, building this amazing things.


It might be worth updating your Alerter plugin and testing with CP. I see it’s been tested up to WP 4.8.12 at present. CP is based on WP 4.9.13 but I don’t think there’s too many breaking changes between the WP 4.8 branch and the 4.9 branch, although I stand to be corrected.

In any case, if you can test it on CP 1.1.2 and WP 4.9.13, then it could be added to our Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1 list and may ultimately get added to our plugin directory that we’re working on.

You could also add “Also works with ClassicPress” or words to that effect in your readme file. You can see how others have done this by searching for “classicpress” on the WP repo


Are you saying the that having the GitHub Updater at the same time won’t work? Because there could be other plugins that need that updater at the same time. Can they coexist?


Keeping GitHub Updater active leads to a very little problem. However it will be fixed in the next release.


Thanks for the tips!
Yes, i will do an update with a new option in my head :yum: very soon and adding ‘Also works with CP’ in the readme.
I try the plugin on the latest CP today, and the plugin works perfect :slightly_smiling_face:
When it’s update i post it on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:
By the way, i hate SVN, i will concentrate myself on the plugin. Github is better for me for understanding :grimacing:

I will also test the classic-commerce plugin in the next weeks.
PS: sorry for my poort English.


They should be able to coexist fine apart from the very minor issue that @Simone noted above.

After you’ve installed the beta1 update, you can remove GitHub Updater, unless you still need it for other plugins.


This is correct; both plugins (Update Manager and GitHub Updater) can be run simultaneously, if needed, although only one of them should be hooked up to any given plugin at a time. The issue noted (two “View Details” links in the plugin row) is caused by both plugins doing their jobs as expected…just a bit of overlap between the two is all…no critical issues. :slight_smile:


One thing is not entirely clear to me: After installing Classic SEO beta 1, do I need to have an additional plugin installed to automatically receive notifications for Classic SEO updates and to install them with one click from the site administration?
At first, I installed Update Manager, but the way of adding plugins to it makes me think that it is more for developers than for site owners. Am I right or wrong?

Regarding feedback:
The indexed elements information does not appear to be correct in the module Search Console\Site maps. It shows 0 indexed items. It may be due to the new version of the google search console, but it may be worth considering and eventually correcting.

In the previous version of the plugin, sometimes trying to refresh the site maps returned a PHP error. I can’t reproduce the error right now, but if it comes up again I’ll take a screenshot.

As for the translation file: Everything is fine except the page Help\Variables.

No, the user doesn’t need to worry about this. The Update Manager is something that the plugin developer has installed on a dedicated site of their own, and it is used by them to push updates.

For you, the experience should be exactly the same as updating any plugin from the WP repo. That’s the nice thing about it… nothing required at your end at all.


Just to confirm, after beta 1 has been installed, you can safely remove the GitHub Updater (by Andy Fragen) unless you are using it for other plugins.

And you don’t need to install Update Manager or anything else. You will be notified when there’s an update to Classic SEO automatically and this is achieved through @Code_Potent’s Update Manager code which is now integral to Classic SEO.

So install Classic SEO beta 1, remove GitHub Updater (unless you need it for something else) and that’s it.

Regarding sitemaps in Search Console, I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had issues with this? The only issue I’ve had is that it’s necessary to click ‘refresh’ quite often but this is a limitation of the Google API. But yes, screenshots are always useful.

There’s an open issue on GitHub for translations. It is very much work in progress and I’m aware there’s still much to be done - especially the help text.

Thanks again for your feedback!


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Could you do another screenshot or two for me please showing where translations aren’t working in the help / variables area? Thanks!

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The problem is here:

This is the translation:

However, the problem does not appear to be in the po-file:

Thanks again for the work done. During the translation tests, I realized what a huge job such a plugin would require. :slight_smile:


Thanks @KokoFresha. Just to clarify, does this problem affect all help pages or just the variables?

Only variables. The other help pages are fine.

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