Classic SEO - import from All In One SEO

Is there a particular reason why the All In One SEO importers (the main one and the rich snippet one) have been removed from Classic SEO, when they were included (and working as far as I know) in Rank Math?

Just curious because an AIOSEO import would be very useful.

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The only reason for it not being included is because I didn’t think there was any requirement for it. Keeping the codebase to a minimum has always been one of the key aims of Classic SEO, partly to reduce bloat and partly for ease of maintenance.

But if this is something that you and others would find useful, then I will consider this a feature request and look at including it in the next alpha release.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes, I’d appreciate it and others would as well I think.

All In One SEO is a very popular plugin - just look at the download total on the repo. I have 40+ live sites using it that will ultimately need to be migrated to Classic SEO.

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I’ve created a GitHub issue for this

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Support for AIOSEO has been added in v0.5.0 released today @anon95694377 . I’d be grateful if you could give it a test on one of your sites (after taking a backup!) and provide feedback.

As I mentioned in the post announcing its release, not all settings will be imported as a result of differences in the way the two operate but the meta title & description should be OK.

If there’s something that doesn’t import that you think should import, please let me know.

PS - I’m assuming you’re using the free version…??


I’ve added my comments on the release post. Thanks! Yes, I’m using the free version.