Classic SEO now supports Classic Commerce

New Classic SEO Release

Version 0.6.0 issued today, 28th December 2019.

Whats New

Adds improved support for Classic Commerce, the alpha version of which was released earlier today.


Download from here or via the updater.


Apologies for the lack of feedback about trying this version. I have to move a lot of client sites to new servers and what with Xmas as well, my free time has been limited to - well, none! I’ll be more active on the forums and github soon.


Should 0.5.3 update to 0.6.0 automatically? Im seeing no update?

Classic SEO needs the GitHub Updater to receive updates. If you’ve got this installed but still not getting notifications, try refreshing the cache in the Updater settings. Hopefully that should sort it.

ah i thought it had it baked in

Not yet. But it will in a forthcoming release. I’ll be using @Code_Potent’s Update Manager.