Classic SEO RC1 released

Classic SEO Release Candidate 1

Classic SEO is the first SEO plugin built specifically to work with ClassicPress.


No new features in RC1 as you might expect. There are some very minor tweaks and improvements but it is mostly a bug fix release.

Unless any serious defects are discovered in RC1, the next release is very likely to be 1.0.0, the first official release.

What’s changed in RC1

  • IMPROVED: Clarify wording on Author Archives and Date Archives option settings (#85)
  • IMPROVED: Add clear installation instructions to readme (#89) (props @nylen)
  • REMOVED: Auto Update setting removed. This was a legacy setting from RM and hasd no effect in CPSEO (#86)
  • FIXED: Corrected misaligned CPSEO icon in top admin bar and left-hand nav menu (#91)
  • FIXED: Fix Search Console stats database query syntax which caused “Unknown column” error in some installations (#97) (props @nylen)
  • FIXED: Fix a PHP notice (Undefined index: path) in Conditional::is_rest() (#98) (props @nylen)
  • FIXED: Fix for Search Console jQuery error which prevented SC cache from being cleared in General Settings (#94)
  • FIXED: Excludes .gitignore and .gitattributes release builds via git archive (#96) (props @nylen)
  • FIXED: Clean up .gitignore (#92) (props @nylen)
  • FIXED: Removes extraneous ‘%s’ placeholder on Search Console settings page (#100)
  • UPDATED: Minor CSS tweaks (#95), (#99)


Download Classic SEO

You will also be able to update the plugin via the CP plugin page.

Support & Bug Reports

There are over 60 active installations of Classic SEO now. If you come across any bugs, anything that doesn’t work as expected or anything that does not display properly, PLEASE report it here in the #plugins:plugin-support forum or create an issue on GitHub.


Important note

As reported by @Simone, I had neglected to update the link in Update Manager and as a result, it was still pointing to the beta 4 version. The update via the plugin page in admin would have failed. I have now corrected this.

Sorry for any problems caused.

Thanks Simone :slight_smile:


Say 62. I am in the process of installing to two sites this week… You know, I have the early adopter bug…

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The more the merrier. There’ll be a special prize for the 100th site. You get a free copy of CPSEO v1.0 for life :slight_smile: