Classic SEO Release 2.0.1

Classic SEO Version 2.0.1

Classic SEO is the first SEO plugin built specifically to work with ClassicPress. The plugin contains many essential SEO tools to help optimize your website.

Please note. This release contains a potentially breaking update.

Support for Google Search Console has been removed, in part because of the uncertainty that comes with dependence on third party APIs. You can see the discussion here



  • FIXED: Missing semicolon


  • REMOVED: Google Search Console feature has been removed completely. See #112 for discussion. (#118)
  • UPDATED: Replaced references to “WooCommerce” with “Classic Commerce” (#114) (props @simplycomputing)
  • UPDATED: Update readme (#126)
  • IMPROVED: Minor CSS tweaks and accessibility improvements (#128)
  • FIXED: Fix wrong field name in redirections cache (#119)
  • FIXED: Fix display of CPSEO icon in admin menu (#123)
  • FIXED: Fix display of icon and heading in CPSEO dashboard (#124)
  • FIXED: Cleaned up some left over code (#122, #127)


Download Classic SEO v2.0.1

You will also be able to update the plugin via the CP plugin page.

Support & Bug Reports

If you come across any bugs, anything that doesn’t work as expected or anything that does not display properly, PLEASE report it here in the #plugins:plugin-support forum or create an issue on GitHub.

And don’t forget we have a new #classic-seo channel on Slack so feel free to post comments there too.