Classic SEO v0.3.0 released

Continuing discussion from ClassicPress SEO experimental plugin now available for testing & feedback

Updated version of Classic SEO (experimental)

An updated version (0.3.0) of Classic SEO is now available on GitHub. If you’re using the GitHub Updater plugin, the new version should show up on the plugins page. If it doesn’t, go to the GitHub Updater settings and click on “Refresh Cache”.

Changes in v 0.3.0

  • NEW: Plugin has new name. Now called Classic SEO as per discussions on forums (Note: plugin directory is still called “classicpress-seo” and the main PHP file is called “classicpress-seo.php”. These will be changed in a future version.)
  • NEW: Added ability to set metabox position on post/page/product edit pages (Settings -> Titles & Meta -> Global Meta)
  • NEW: Added support for Pinterest meta tag
  • NEW: Added “nosnippet”, “max-snippet:[number]”, “max-video-preview:[number]” and “max-image-preview:[setting]” Advanced Robots Meta settings. See
  • UPDATED: Schema Types updated including removal of “self-serving” review snippets
  • UPDATED: Help page updated
  • UPDATED: Plugin has new temporary icon (wooooooohooooooo!!)

After updating, please check that your settings are as they were before.

I aim to add support for Google Search Console in the next release.

Any problems (haha), please report back here or open an issue on GitHub.

Thank you.