Classic SEO v0.4.3 release

Release 0.4.3 issued today fixes the Rank Math import issue reported by @Dick_Metcalf

Download from here or via GitHub Updater.

If anyone is able to test this, I’d be grateful for some feedback.

To properly test it, you’d need a fully configured copy of RM installed and, ideally, a clean install of Classic SEO. For obvious reasons, please only try this on a test site and take a full database backup first.



It worked on SOME of the imports for my test site, but others didn’t make it…


Thanks for the feedback. Could you just let me know what made it and what didn’t?

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Well, I’m not really sure… the ones that DID make it appeared to be SINGLE WORD keywords… those with multiple words didn’t appear to transition correctly.


Hmmm. OK I shall do some more testing. Thanks for letting me know.

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Sigh. :thinking:

When I tested this immediately before release, I had one page with a two-word keyword / keyphrase (‘hieronymus bosch’) and this worked every time along with all the single-word keywords.

I’ve just added a couple of pages with two-word keywords (‘scrambled eggs’ and ‘grapes of wrath’) and neither of these imported.

So I can confirm that this bug ain’t fixed yet.

Thanks again Dick. I’ll get working on another fix…hopefully one that does the job this time.

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