Classic SEO v0.7.0 release

Classic SEO v0.7.0 is now available.

Version 0.7.0 adds experimental support for importing from The SEO Framework. Because TSF and Classic SEO are quite different beasts, not all settings can be imported.

I have also updated the translation although this isn’t mentioned in the release notes.

Testers & Feedback Needed

I’d be grateful if any users of TSF could help out with testing - but please don’t test on a live site and please make sure to do a database backup first.

It would be best to start off with a clone of an existing production site (with TSF already installed) and a clean install of Classic SEO.

All feedback would be appreciated - including for the translation.

Installation & Download

Classic SEO initially has to be installed manually by downloading the zip archive and then uploading to your plugins directory.

To receive future automatic updates, you currently need to install the GitHub Updater, although this will change in a future release.

Download Classic SEO from GitHub or wait for the GitHub Updater.



You should have said, “hey horlaes”, it’s time for testing, lol. I’ll send my feedback and good one for the update


Hey Horlaes, get testing!! And quick! :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright boss, tested and it works :wink:

Maybe, you should add:

“And if you are importing setting from The Seo Framework, make sure TSF is deactivated”

No issue so far, all meta contents imported.

Funny thing is that Classic Seo fixed the disappeared robots metadata, although, I fixed it. I wish I founded this earlier.

I really love the features of this plugin, I feel like switching immediately, but I’ll keep testing to confirm any issues. Thanks for the great work!


Brilliant. Thanks for the feedback. The TSF importer was quite a tricky one to sort out so I’m glad it seems to be working well. So far…


Translation problems continue.
One of the strings that creates problems is “Reset Options”. I give a specific example so you can test more easily. PoEdit recognizes the pot - file as Classic SEO version 0.3.0.

When installing the plugin itself, FileZilla issues a warning for two plugin files that are already present on the server, although I deleted the entire previous directory from the server.

Оther problems so far I do not see.

best regards,
Коко :slight_smile:


Thanks @KokoFresha for the feedback.

Can I ask what language your site is set to? And also, could you possibly provide a screenshot of the “Reset Options” button please?

I’m glad it’s working well otherwise. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT - and can I ask what language you are trying to translate to in Poedit (which is what I also use).


Hello @1stepforward,

The language of my site is Bulgarian.
While doing the screenshots you asked for, I found my error in the name of the translation file. I had confused “_” with “-”, which had actually left the old translation on the server.
After renaming the two translation files, everything is OK.
I have not translated all 1446 messages, but what I have translated so far is displayed correctly.

I’m sorry for my mistake. :slight_smile:
After about 2 weeks experience with Classic SEO I can say that while this is a very early version (before version 1), the plugin is exactly what I need.

Thank you for Classic SEO!


Excellent! Glad it’s working and glad you like it. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for reporting back.