Classic-Widget: is it compatible with the jobify-theme

hello dear all friends

first of all: this topic must raise the interest of all of you - it is in other words dynamit … pure dynamit - since we are on classic-press and all of you surely are interested in things like these topics i discuss.

classic -widgets - it is a plugin that i came across today

background: i i run a site with wp-job-manager and the jobify-theme: see com /products/jobify/

the quetion is: can i add classic widget - to the page - (and to the jobify-theme) to use it - to add data to the wigets

i want to add in fact such a area “Companies we have helped” i think i can use this for the described purpose
btw: whatabout doing this with a ninia or gravitiy-form - would this be a apropiate way of doing such things. i have heard alot of grafity and ninia forums - would these two forms could help here. besides this perhaps are there any experience with this combination – in other words – does Ninja-form run in the jobify-theme!?

i run a site with wp-job-manager and the jobify -theme

astoundify. dot com /products/jobify/

look forward to hear - and now i found out that there is classic widget see below: In my opinion, the new widget interface looks quite bad. Alternatively: I would install classic widgets and then follow the steps (see below).

i go to Appearance > Widgets
then i find the widget “sponsors” / “companies we have helped”

And then either i add the blocks one by one or copy an existing one and change its values.

but the question is : does the usage of the classic-widget infringe or destroy the jobify-theme!? Is there a comatibility - and does Classic-widget is interoperable with the Jobify-theme? That is the question

here the classic-widget: Classic Widgets – WordPress plugin |


Classic Widgets is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress widgets settings screens. It will be supported and maintained to 2024, or as long as is necessary.
Once activated and when using a classic (non-block) theme, this plugin restores the previous widgets settings screens and disables the block editor from managing widgets. There is no other configuration, the classic widgets settings screens are enabled or disabled by either enabling or disabling this plugin.
Meta: version:0.3 Last updated:1 month ago Active installations:2+ million WordPress Version:4.9 or higher Tested up to:6.2 Languages:See all 35 Tags:classic widgetsdisabledisable gutenbergeditorgutenberg

btw:reviews 5 stars 228

look forward to hear from you

You are asking the same question over and over in different topics.
This tells me that you might be using WP with the plugins to disable the block editor and you are thinking that your site is a CP site.

First of all, save yourself the hard work of dealing with blocks in WP, migrate to the bright side! You can switch your site to the real ClassicPress by following this guide.

ClassicWidgets is a WordPress plugin that disables the block editor in the WP menu setting area in the Appearance tab of the dashboard and restores the old way of managing widgets.
The plugins used in WP to disable the block editor one day will be discontinued and won’t work in WP anymore and people who are on WP at the time when these will be removed will be obliged to use blocks. This is the reason I linked the guide to switch definitely to CP for you above. It seems to me that you are as fed up with blocks as I am, and as soon as I discovered CP in 2018 I made the switch.

I think you need to understand three things before making the switch:

  • ClassicPress does not have blocks!!! No need for plugins to disable them :smiley:
  • Plugins and themes working with WP 4.9 (a WP version before blocks) should work well with ClassicPress. And there are plugins specifically developed for ClassicPress that you can find here
  • You do not need complex set ups with paid extensions like the one you would need to purchase to use ninja forms to do basic things like the widget you need to build. You just need TWO free plugins. the first is a testimonial plugin that you can select among the ones I already suggested here AND the second is shortcodes in widgets by Azurecurve to be used to place the testimonial shortcode in a widget.

Let me know how it goes and if you need more help.

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