ClassicPress 1.1.0 Release Notes

This is no longer the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce ClassicPress 1.1.0. This release contains a new feature that we think the community will be happy with, as well as several months’ worth of smaller bug fixes. It is available now.

New feature since 1.0.2

Add a new top-level Security page to the admin screen. This is a centralized place for plugins to register their security-related settings, to make them easier to find and audit. (details, documentation)

Minor changes and fixes since 1.0.2

  • Update the list of files to remove during installation. This ensures that no extra files are left over after migration from WordPress. (details)
  • Update the jQuery version string after the security patch applied in ClassicPress 1.0.2. (details)
  • Add ClassicPress changelog links to the dashboard’s About page. (details)
  • Fix potentially overlapping notices in the Themes section of the dashboard. (details)
  • Fix potential upload failures of common text file types. (details)
  • Fix an issue with published post dates when using the XML-RPC API, for example with external editors. (details)
  • Fix a PHP notice in the dashboard petitions widget. (details)
  • Fix a “Source map” browser warning related to a TinyMCE file. (details)
  • Remove unnecessary role="navigation" attribute from pagination elements. This is an improvement to HTML5 validation. (details)
  • Remove angle brackets from link in password reset email. This caused problems with some email clients. (details)
  • Update links to support/documentation pages in wp-config-sample.php. (details)
  • Include latest emoji code from WP. It will be possible to disable this feature in ClassicPress v2, but for now we’ve needed to keep it up to date to keep our builds passing. (details)

Development improvements and fixes since 1.0.2

Download this release

New sites Download (9.9 MB)
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the migration instructions.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the built-in update mechanism (more info).

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


In case you are wondering what happened to the custom login image change from 1.1.0-rc1, the blog post for this release has a bit more info:

In this release we had also hoped to include an option to show the site’s custom logo on the login page instead of the ClassicPress logo (petition). After we released a preview of this feature to the community, some issues with our current implementation became apparent (discussion), so we’ll be backing this feature out and revisiting it for a potential future version of ClassicPress.