ClassicPress 1.3.0-rc2 Release Notes

This is no longer the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce the second release candidate for ClassicPress 1.3.0.

We encourage you to try out this release candidate and let us know if you see any issues. See instructions and links below, under the “Download this releaseExisting ClassicPress sites” section.

Minor changes since 1.3.0-rc1

Download this release

New sites Download (9.9 MB)
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the standard migration instructions to migrate to the latest stable version of ClassicPress. Then, follow the instructions here for existing ClassicPress sites to upgrade to this pre-release version.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the “Advanced” section of the migration plugin to switch to the release build (same link as for “New sites” above). This version will be available using the built-in update mechanism when it is released as 1.3.0 final.

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


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I did a fresh install of Wordpress 5.8 -> swtiched to CP 1.2 -> switched to 1.3 rc2.

I noticed it gave me an error message on the Astra-theme when installing CP.
Switched to a default theme, switch to CP, upgrade to 1.2 and after that ran the swtich to 1.3 rc2 again no issues found.

After that activated Astra again and no issues at all. Haven’t tested the Astra theme completely but looked like it’s working.


Can I use the “built-in update mechanism” on my rc1 site that is “warning” me to update?

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From slack:

[MattyRob] I had a live site on RC1 and the RC2 showed as an update. Not sure if that is supposed to happen. Update applied fine though and all looks good.
[James Nylen] Yes, updates between RC versions is normal

So yeah you should be good :+1: