ClassicPress 1.5.0 Release Notes

This is no longer the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce the release of ClassicPress 1.5.0.

This release contains some new features and minor updates and fixes.

New features since 1.4.4

  • PHP 8.0 compatibility :tada:
  • Added support for image lazy loading
  • Introduced cp_attributes() function for theme usage
  • Filter plugins that declare ClassicPress compatibility by default
  • Add support for Update URI plugin header
  • Fix a notice in the Theme screen
  • Remove type attribute from css and JavaScript tags for HTML5 compliance
  • Fresh installs will now disable Comments and Avatars by default

Minor changes and bugfixes since 1.4.4

  • Theme editor now handles modern CSS without reporting errors
  • Deprecate single_month_title()
  • Fixed bug in password reset email links affecting some email clients
  • Updated PHPMailer library
  • Updated ID3 library
  • Updated random_compat library
  • Updated SimplePie library

Development improvements and fixes since 1.4.4

  • Multiple upgrades to build and development dependencies


In no particular order the following people have contributed to this ClassicPress release
WP Team

Download this release

New sites Download
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the migration instructions.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the built-in update mechanism (more info).

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


In case anyone needs it, instructions to disable image lazy loading:

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Congratulations! Will post on my business website about it! Wonderful job you all! :clap:


Many, many thanks to all who participated in this update. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


My thanks as well for a job well done, I was a bit concerned about plugin compatibility but was reassured to hear that it would run on both php5.6 and php8 which must have been quite a job (all my 13 classicpress sites are now running on php 7.4 and working fine following upgrade to cp 1.5)


Editor both WYSIWYG and Classic editor buttons are broken/not working on PHP8.1.
Permalink generation (when typing a title and then clicking in the post/page field) doesn’t work anymore.

Any fix in sight? No it’s not cache and it happens on every website I updated on that has PHP 8+

Edit: I don’t see any errors anywhere. Re-enabling the checkbox in my profile doesn’t help.

1.5.0 supports PHP 8.0 only. There is no support for 8.1 at this time. Most likely, it’s coming in v2.0.

Because reasons I assume?

downgrades server


It’s not a bad assumption. Several people reported no issues with PHP 8.1. So log an issue on GitHub with an error message, so we can track it.

Except it’s not like PHP8.1 was released last month… It’s been around for over a year.

We’re working as fast as we can but due to limited core developers that can be challenging. That’s why we decided to re-fork for v2.0 and bring PHP compatibility and performance improvements faster. Any help is welcome, even simple code reviews to ensure we catch bugs are very helpful.

I realize it sounds a bit like an excuse but it isn’t.
When I’m less depressed and less stressed out about everything in my own life I can do code reviews or ‘simple’ stuff like that next to my regular work and things. But that’ll be a few months at least I suspect.