ClassicPress 2.0.0-rc1 Release Notes

We’re very happy to announce the release of ClassicPress 2.0.0-rc1.

We’re happy to announce a public release candidate for ClassicPress 2.0.0-rc1. This release is a re-fork based on WordPress 6.2.x so brings ClassicPress a host of new features such as Site Health.

In addition, this version also includes:

  • HTML5 as the default content output
  • Efficiency enhancements made in WordPress 6.3.x
  • Modern browser approaches for Widgets, Nav Menus and Meta Boxes
  • Added navigation buttons to content editing screens
  • Upgraded PHPMailer library
  • Fixed deprecated jQuery message in bundled themes
  • Build, Test and Dependency upgrades and updates

We encourage you to try out this release candidate by pasting the zipfile URL into the “Advanced” section of the migration plugin, and letting us know if you see any issues. See instructions and links below, under the “Download this releaseExisting ClassicPress sites ” section.


In no particular order the following have contributed to this ClassicPress release:
The ClassicPress community
WP Team

If you think you have identified an issue or potential bugs please:

  • Visit the forums
  • Visit ClassicPress on Zulip
  • Open an Issue on GitHub

WHERE can I find the 22.0.0-rc1 candidate for download? Direct link, please.

Never mind, I found it on GITHUB. Downloaded and deployed on my test site. Anxious to see if any problems are reported from other folks

Here there is the download link.

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@ rotcodclassicpress Thanks for pointing out that omission, Ive added a link to the zip in the original post now.


I have done as you suggested and pasted ‘the zipfile URL into the “Advanced” section of the migration plugin’ into a dev site built with a copy of the database from my live site.

I noticed while watching it upgrade, a mention of updating the database or something about the database, I didn’t catch it.

Is there some change made to the database?

Thank you all for all your work

You will see message about database updates when the core $wp_db_version value is changed. As ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress 6.2.x, updating from ClassicPress 1.x.x (which was a fork of WordPress 4.9.x is going to change that value.

There are some changes that are notable linked to Application Passwords, Caching, a post_category column in the *_posts table being dropped, maybe a few things I missed.

Thank you for your quick response. I really have no idea how any of that could affect anything, but it sounds like this migration is not undo-able?

I can’t find it anywhere in the docs, but I am sure I heard that with version 1 there way a way for a user to undo a migration?

Not sure of this, but if the migration plugin can move a site from WP 6.3 to CP 1.7 can also move back from CP 2.0 to 1.7.

Please back up your site before you try!

I think with the migration plugin it is possible to migrate back to WordPress after first migration.

You can also migrate at any time in the Advance section to any version of WordPress or ClassicPress using the right zip file.

I have not entirely understood these issues either.

I have assumed that if
(1) I move from CP 1.7.1 to CP 2.0.0-rc1 using the migration plugin and
(2) something is not right and I need (or would like) to return to 1.7.1 using the migration plugin, then I should paste the URL for 1.7.1 into the Advanced function of the migration plugin itselfs:

ClassicPress 1.7.1

If the database is being changed, though, then perhaps my assumption is wrong, and one needs to restore from a backup. A full restore?

What I also do not understand is why there have been two choices for each nightly, namely (using the latest nightly):

(1) Source code (zip) or (tar.gz), or
(2) ClassicPress-nightly-2.0.0-rc1-migration.20240114 (zip)

When I read under the migration-nightly that “You probably don’t need this, it’s just for use by the migration plugin,” I wonder, first, who “you” is. Only those using the migration plugin (which is what I assume)? I also assume this means that most people (the “you”) are installing the nightlies in a completely new dev site (i.e., as recommended, not a production site)?

And, second: Why there are no longer these same two choices for CP 2.0.0-rc1.

Sorry if I don’t quite understand. Any explication is appreciated.

Quite apart from these questions: Many thanks to all who worked to bring the CP version this far.

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The database changes shouldn’t have any impact as I believe they just concern fields that haven’t been used for a long time.

You can use migration plugin to revert to previous CP version.
To be noted that nightly/migration builds and RC builds are not “public builds” but are testing builds. This means that even if stable they are not recommended for production sites.
Also it is advisable to perform a backup before migrating a site.
About the “you” referred in the repo, it means “testers” because it is supposed that a release when it’s complete and official has a prompt in dashboard explaining how to perform it whit a button to eventually initiate it while the same is lot true for testing releases.
Difference between nightly and migration is nightly rebuilds every night and migration does not.

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Nightly are advertised by the API and used to update to latest build CP. Migration nightly are quite the same but you must use those with the migration plugin.


Many thanks for the responses and esp. for the explanation about nightlies and final public versions; that has essentially been how I’ve understood it, but I wasn’t entirely sure, and was similarly unsure, like @Sparkey, about migrating back.

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The database changes that is what I was afraid of, I have always thought they meant that there was no going back or things would break. I have a few really old sites I might have to be careful with, but I always backup.

Thank you all


That’s quite likely to be true of plugins, but not usually for core because of the need to maintain backward compatibility. Sometimes a new core version might also add fields to a database table, or even add tables, but these won’t hurt you either as you just wouldn’t use them if you reverted to an older version.


Getting the following error when trying to update to 25 January rc1 for v2 (on all my sites):

Downloading update from…

Download failed.: cURL error 6: getaddrinfo() thread failed to start

Installation Failed

Where are you seeing that error? In the migration plugin?

Yes… I got it on my production site and my mirror/test site. I checked server to make sure there weren’t any blocked IP addresses, and there weren’t. Went back to both sites and logged back in; cleared site cache first, then used the update link for 25 January in “Switch to Classic Press”, and it worked. I just logged back in and am now getting no errors (on both sites). Just thought you’d want to know that I did get that error.