ClassicPress 2.0.0-rc1 Release Notes

Good to hear it is now working - I suspect it was a transient firewall issue on the server.

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Do you have a release date for a Classicpress 2 with a plugin to switch from wordpress to Classicpress 2?

I’m worried about the way Wordpress is going, I don’t like the new editor at all and had to install two plugins, Classic Editor and Classic Widget, to continue working normally.

So discovering Classic Press gives me a lot of hope, but I see that there aren’t many participants and none of my 4 sites can switch to Classic Press at the moment.

What bothers me most is doing without Rank Math, the best SEO plugin.

Like other publishers, I think, I’d be willing to pay for a stable, lighter version of WordPress, without all the useless, life-complicating new features that some crackpot would install to, I think, destroy this CMS, or to make it accessible only to certain people with the same deranged brain.

It’s all part, I think, of a global effort against freedom of expression.

So I’m looking forward to trying Classic Press 2, but living on the Internet, I’m also worried about the impact it may have on my site, SEO, and Google rankings.

I’d be more reassured if there were more members and if things were moving faster, but I get the impression that there aren’t many people behind this important project!

We don’t have a precise release date but rc1 is working well as far as I know.

I can confirm that Rank Math will not work on v2 because it rely on heavy libraries that were never introduced in version 2.
ClassicSEO is a fork of Rank Math that works in both v1 and v2 of ClassicPress.

The migration plugin already allows you to migrate to v2.0.0-rc1 using advanced control.

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Your concerns are valid, the CP team is much smaller than that of WP and while v2RC is working fine on the sites I upgraded, it is true that an official v2 release with a simple conversion process would demonstrate significant progress.

I am not sure what your comfort level is in regard to working with the programming and development aspects of your site, but it is still possible to switch to CP, then switch back to WP if needed. I would be sure to have proper backups of course, and maybe cloning your live site to a dev env for testing would be the way to see how things behave.

Nothing is ever for sure, but v2 is nearly ready, and I doubt CP is in danger of being abandoned, it could also be that as more people look for alternatives to WP, CP will become stronger. You mentioned yourself that using the Classic plugins for WP keeps you from being forced to try something else yet.

I can attest to the fact that ClassicSEO is superb! I’ve been using it on all my sites for a LONG time now!

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Thanks for your answers, I’ll try Classicpress and Classicseo on a small site to see.