ClassicPress Browser Support

Continuing this discussion, right now we plan to support:
Last 1 Android version.
Last 1 ChromeAndroid version.
Last 2 Chrome versions.
Last 2 Firefox versions.
Last 2 Safari versions.
Last 2 iOS versions. (needs testing)
Last 2 Edge versions.
Last 2 Opera versions.
Internet Explorer >= 11. (needs testing)
Browsers with > 1% usage based on can I use browser usage table

Specifics for testing IE 11 and iOS Safari:
  • Admin menus, especially the ClassicPress icon in the top left and (if you have access to a multisite installation) the ClassicPress icons in the “My Sites” submenu. These are rendered differently than in WP.
  • The Petitions dashboard widget that is new to ClassicPress.

For reference, the official ClassciPress browser support page in the docs.

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Why do we still support Internet Explorer 11? I thought we dropped support for that.

In the last 6 months, only 0.51% use it. In the last 3 months, it is no longer listed as a separate browser.

It says we support browsers with at least 1%, which disqualifies IE now.

Fine with me. I removed it from the page.

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Viktor, you can backport the changes from WP for dropping IE11.

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Thanks, that’s a good point. I’ll take a look at those.