ClassicPress Job Board (Feedback Requested)

Discussion related the ClassicPress Job Board.

We plan to implement a CP job board, but wish to hear some feedback from the community on what should be included.

Some talking points to start:

  • Ability to monetize job board for CP
  • Give preference to CP Contributors

Advancing this a bit…in no particular order.


Will it be implemented as:

  • a standalone on a subdomain?
  • a plugin added to the primary site?
  • a plugin installed here on the forum?
  • something else?

…and can, say, users’ forum accounts be used for logging in?


A few ideas to monetize the space:

  • Individual Listings
    Job poster pays a nominal fee to list a job. One and done.

  • Package Listings
    Job poster pays reduced rates in exchange for buying more listings at once.

  • Ad Placement
    Plugin and theme devs, web hosts, service providers (et al) may buy ad space. To ensure the ads are not blocked, they would be in the form of an actual graphic served from the ClassicPress domain, and not via a script or network which most ad-blockers will catch and block. Rates could be based on impressions, clicks, timeframe, etc.

  • Notification Service
    A simple subscription service that notifies devs/designers/whoevs when new jobs come up meeting their criteria.

Participation Requirements

  • Who can post jobs?

    • The hurdles here should be minimal.
  • Who can respond to jobs?

    • Open to anyone?
    • Limited to members meeting x criteria?


I don’t think there should necessarily be a rating or star system – though I’m also not opposed – but it would be nice if both parties had the opportunity to write a succinct text about the job/experience, after the fact. Or, simply to indicate whether or not they’d work with the other party again.

Categories / FIlters

Ideas for categories and how they might be used:

  • Design
    ie, themes, logos, visuals

  • Development
    ie, plugins, new functionality, code

  • Content Creation
    ie, copywriting, photography, video

  • Maintenance
    ie, updates and other monthly services

  • Administration
    ie, full-scale site administration

  • Training
    ie, site use, site admin, best practices consultation, onsite or remote staff training

  • Migration
    ie, platform migration, host migration, plugin migration, theme migration

  • …and probably many more.

…and, of course, a filter for remote/onsite would be helpful.


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, payments may be subject to currency exchange fees and international transfer fees. This will need to be investigated with the chosen payment processor and detailed as part of the policies of the job board.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


Thanks for getting this started!

Here is my opinion (and please don’t take this as set in stone):


Implementation: I think a subdomain would work best (something like

I would like to see this, or if we continue using SSO I would be okay with that too.


I like your monetization ideas. I think those work well as you have described them.

Participation Requirements

I think everyone should be allowed to post a job. However, I would like to see some type of identification/verification prior to posting a job. This should limit most spam.

I think everyone should be allowed to apply. That being said, I think CP contributors should show up at the top of the list of applicants and/or have a badge showing they have contributed to CP.


I like this idea. Even just answering “would you work with x again?”.

Categories / FIlters

I like those to start and we can add as we see demand for more (similar to the forum).


This would be interesting. My vote is always Stripe due to the simplicity of implementation, but I know PayPal is widely used.


Agree that a subdomain would be a good option.

The main problem I can see with having a place to enter text is that it sets up more complications and subsequent work for somebody. The comments would need to be moderated, and there should probably be a right-of-reply for unfair criticism. I think a simple “Would you use this person again - yes or no” would be fine. Hard to argue with that either way.


I think we need something along the lines of or
The ability for employers to post “requests” and for professionals to post services and enquire upon requests. A messaging system and ability to share files. Fiverr and fivesquid handle payment via PayPal holding founds in escrow for 15 days before releasing payment. This to prevent uncertainties in case of disputes. And they both have a way employer and employee can give a rating to the other party, so to encourage people to be honest. The rating system gives professionals points to spend in responding to buyers’ requests in addition to ranking and visibility.
I know this is not a little site to set up, but I work as a freelance on these sites and the only thing that I find negative is the fact prices start from 5 usd and go up while you rank higher. For the rest these sites are solid platforms.

If we are going to have a job board, I think we need to be very careful to protect ClassicPress. We want to be careful to create this in such a way that CP cannot be held responsible for anything bad that may happen as a result of an agreement made between two members of the community, including things like a crashed site, or nonpayment, or any of a number of other things. I don’t think we want to be seen as directly or indirectly endorsing individuals, because then people will think they can come back at CP if they’re displeased with the service they received.

If someone is a CP contributor, that’s easy for a job poster to find out, or the dev can mention such within their ad, but CP endorsing one dev over another may quickly look like nepotism.

Receiving payments on behalf of someone, holding funds in escrow, etc. would be a whole other very complex matter that we don’t have the time or resources to handle properly and there are already platforms out there that are doing it, so it’s probably best to leave that be.


It seems this could be handled with written terms to which posters and responders agree before posting or responding.

I disagree with the reasoning, but agree about not endorsing individuals.

It’s my feeling that payments should be limited to those funds paid by posters or responders. Anything more than that is, as you noted, unnecessary complexity.

And I just want to mention… My post doesn’t represent my personal desires; they’re just points to consider. A job board isn’t something that I’ll use, but someone had to get the talk started. :wink:


So we are not speaking about a real job board, but more a classified ads site. Because that would allow for better management of legal implications mentioned by @BlueSkyPhoenix.
That means giving ability to employer and employee of privately agreeing upon their terms and conditions and payment.
On ClassicPress not endorsing professionals I agree, professionals can show a badge of contributors status but contributors or not equal chances have to be granted to everyone. If the platform starts to privilege some people for their status is only unfair.
As concerns CP not being liable for probems occurring between customer and professional, as @anon71687268 says, this can be made a point they have to be aware of and agree upon explicitly at registration.


Current plan is to use the forums to act as a job board until after V1.

The category is almost ready to go live :slight_smile:

Check out: Jobs Forum Tags to provide some feedback on what tags we include.