Implement a multinetwork in this same site, where you can have sites and multisites

What exactly would the purpose be if these sites? Can you give an example?

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You have created a community here that is easy to use, practical, even in registration and access.
I was thinking of a style template but with this same integrated community. Better still, altervista style with the possibility of installing plugins and themes that you want and create multisites with which agencies can manage their customers. Server optimized to the extreme and secure. Instead of installing ClassicPress, you could simply register and still have the freedom to install it yourself. All the most successful cms and ecommerce projects of the past year have used this formula. I may perhaps be wrong to propose it, but it seemed right, considering that I thought it, to put it on the table to discuss it.

I think of to be more like than

Hosting websites for customers is the purpose of a hosting company; I’ve no doubt many people associated with CP could pull it off (:tada:) but it’s not the purpose of this domain/project. :slight_smile:

However, it might be cool to have a with auto-deleting, non-indexed trial sites where a person can see what the differences to WordPress is, without having to adjust their hosting companies WordPress install instructions to demo it. :thinking:

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@maiki thanks for your input!
Our idea is to build a website hosting an unofficial Italian community for CP (that will correspond to an italian section of and another website hosting the company selling CP sites.
@wade has proposed we discuss this as soon as we have a biz plan in place (we are in the process of writing it). As you mention it could make sense to keep the selling activity separated from the community.
We did not think of a service to try CP as you have suggested, but it could be a really cool idea to realize. We will evaluate the best course of action to make it possible.

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Hi @maiki , thank you for your interest. I realize very well how much freer and more independent the projects are, as well as anything else, the more things work smoothly. But according to my point of view, we must also think that behind these things there are people who work, who dedicate time and skills and in my opinion it is unfair that they are not reciprocated in some way for their work, which in the extra large majority some cases happen in the shadows without even a thank you from someone. I have no experience of major projects like the one you are doing here and I was making my proposal to try and reward everyone behind the scenes. Beyond this, finding funds to grow independently, without an organization or association or any other third party being able to manipulate the community. The Community would work for itself, and how to organize this would be the subject of an important discussion. but this is what I was proposing.

This exists at WP Sandbox – ClassicPress


Hiya, @Riccardo and @ElisabettaCarrara. :wave:

I myself work for an open source company, so I’ve got no comment on starting up a company to support open source software, even language-specific, except go for it! :slight_smile:

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My commentary is because this is posted as a petition in #governance, and it my experience this is something we vote upon and the work together as a community software project.

:information_source: There seems to be a lot more planning/information for the ClassicPress Italia project at ClassicPress Italia, for those interested!

Given that these aren’t really up for voting, may we move them to another category in the forums for discussion and help planning, rather than a petition for voting? :slight_smile:

In reality we posted them in petitions because we need people voting over some of the aspects that are involved also from a legal point of view.
This project can totally be indipendent from CP but that most likely doesn’t bring much value both to CP and our project. The issue arises when we think about ways to integrate things. CP has two entities and the people involved in the project have each one a company.
This means we need to listen to the community on the legal aspects and internal rulings that are involved in cooperating among projects. If @wadestriebel thinks that this can be done outside the petitions we can agree on moving this to a more relevant forum.

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That sounds great. :+1:

I’m not sure our petition system does what you want; it is more about demonstrating where a lot of people are concerned, so as a community we may look at it; this works in a slow, open, democratic way befitting a project like ClassicPress.

Maybe we could move these discussions up one level, to #governance, as they are important discussions that will set precedence. :speech_balloon:

I feel like our voting system does not lend itself to the conversations in this instance. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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I think your point makes totally sense.
@wadestriebel what do you think? Should we move this out of petitions keeping it inside governance?

I agree that this is not a petition but a discussion. Governance category doesn’t accept posts. Only Petitions and Votes subcategories. This topic is probably best suited for General Discussion.

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Thanks for the input, how could we move that to the General category? I think I don’t have permissions on the forum to do that.


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Thanks Vik !

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We are working very intensively on the Italian multinetwk. We could think of using it internationally, having each nation a site, or even a multisite. We have also prepared a business plan to support the project. You tell us. I leave you the link of the draft: ClassicPress Italia – Italian ClassicPress Community

Just a quick update. We are in the process of giving the last touches to the project plan. Next week I will send it to the directors for them to evaluate before scheduling a zoom call with them to discuss possible scenarios on how to move forward.
Also we are setting up the infrastructure and all the needed paperwork and legal matters according to Italian and EU regulations that we need to follow since we are based in Italy.
We really are happy of all the encouragement you are giving us.

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