ClassicPress "Next" Progress News

So do you expect Elementor to support ClassicPress or do you expect ClassicPress to both support Elementor and be something different than WordPress at the same time?

That’s an illusion. None of those two things will happen anytime soon. Elementor would consider supporting ClassicPress if it reaches a few million users… but… if ClassicPress is an old WordPress with no improvements, who is going to use it anyway?

I’m not removing things just for the sake of it. I removed a very specific set of things that are useless (like XML-RPC, Gravatar, the Links Manager that wasn’t even enabled by default or functions that have been deprecated for years) for the sake of performance and a clean codebase.

It’s not my intention. My intention is to fork, alter and mantain the core of WP and a few basic plugins (definitely not something as huge as Elementor!), because when I use WP to develop websites I always create very specific and custom functionality and I don’t want Elementor, Gutenmentor and nothing alike. I want a clean Core that I can extend. And when extending it, I don’t want to call a function and pass it random parameters that aren’t used, because I feel stupid doing so.

We can’t expect ClassicPress to have the same ecosystem than WordPress from day one. But we can expect it to be a great product if it stands for optimization: a lightweight clean codebase that can easily be extended.

I’m just sharing my progress here for the case that ClassicPress wants to do something to prevent it from being a useless old copy of WordPress (which it kind of already is). I’m just giving an example of what could be done. And having an independent plugins/themes directory with subtle changes is just part of that idea.

Good luck on maintaining AND developing a new core, with plugin ecosystem on your own then.
Plugin you will need to be considered by users:

  • e-commerce
  • SEO
  • Security
  • optimization
  • SMTP
  • payment gateways
  • membership
  • community
    And this is just a very basic list.
    Just very simple.

A CMS IMHO is not a one man show.
I am not a dev, just a translator with a bit of front end knowledge, maybe I am very wrong. But I really see this going nowhere.

I’m not talking about building a page builder where you just install two things and a theme and have a working site. People should use WordPress for that. I’m talking about building a clean Core that developers can extend. Of course, with some plugins that will help developers work faster.

Where do you see ClassicPress going? Follow everything WordPress does just a few versions under?

ClassicPress quickly becoming obsolete?

No… it does not solve. But I have to look why… Tomorrow i’ll open a PR…

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Let me know what plugin is failing and I’ll fix it. If you want :wink:

Please double check your changes to i10n.php before posting.

Edit: See #18.

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Added two more plugins to the adventure.

  • One to create custom post types (available under Settings → Post Types)
  • One to create custom taxonomies (available under Settings → Taxonomies)

So the current directory looks like:

Basic tools that any CMS should have.

The next plugin addition will be about Custom Fields (but I’m still developing that), with which the current situation is:

A solid version of ClassicPress with irrelevant stuff removed, only subtle breaking changes (actually, just one deprecated parameter for loading textdomain and stopped support for Pingbacks) and with examples on how we could break once for all from the WordPress plugins directory, to have a solid PHP tool to create awesome websites!

I will now focus on cleaning up the whole Plugin Directory, to make it 100% JSON based (including plugin updates). Anybody will be able to add plugins by hosting them wherever they want and doing a PR to the JSON directory.

Also, I will fork Query Monitor and Ultimate Shortcodes. Both are amazing plugins that I care about and can be added.

Feel free to fork and maintain your favorite plugins, and add them to the new ClassicPress Next (or WP CMS if CP ends up dying) specific directory.