ClassicPress One-Click Install Discussion

This may have been mentioned elsewhere but if you could get ClassicPress added to the one-click install facilities that are available through Installatron and Softaculous within cPanel I think this would give a significant advantage.

I don’t know the requirements for having your app added to Softaculous (or Installatron). I don’t think it is very onerous though - they sell their product so it’s to their advantage to have as many apps in there as possible. And I’ve gone through and looked at a lot of what’s available and there are quite a few that are not overly impressive or well-maintained. I should think they’d have no problem adding it once a stable version is released. But I’m guessing so probably best to ask directly at [email protected]

I’ve been in sales before and known alot of sales people, so I can email them directly. Already put out Facebook feelers. Great idea.

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There are a few more auto-installers like Softalicious (eg. Installatron as already mentioned but there are others) so it would be worth someone compiling a list of these for contact, could be a very good avenue to pursue overall in getting ClassicPress in front of users.

Agreed. The hard part will be reaching someone within each company to take action.

This is from the Installatron FAQ:

" Can I recommend a web application be added?

Absolutely. We’re constantly evaluating new web applications for inclusion. However, only the best applications are accepted; applications that are complicated to use and applications that do not offer unique functionality complicate the website owner experience and are therefore avoided. It’s also important that applications have at least a few mature translations available as Installatron Plugin is used worldwide.

To make a recommendation, open a ticket. Be sure to include a summary of the advantages the application provides."

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And I’ve just discovered there is already a post on the Softaculous forum about this, so maybe others can add their voices there:


Yep. Their response is verbatim exactly what I also got when I asked through Facebook.

Yes, Softaculous is obviously needed, but I can understand that they would consider ClassicPress only once version 1 stable is out.
Another tool we should consider asking to add ClassicPress to their list is the less well-known Installatron. One of the hosting companies where I have some of my sites uses it, and I think it is even better than Softaculous.
And there are probably a few other, similar tools, that I don’t know.

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Have a look at the list of Installatron Partners, and you will instantly understand why it is important to have them on board, and not only Softaculous.

I think for most one-click install options they will be waiting for V1 to come out. It would be great if someone could compile a list of providers that can be reached out to when we do get ready to release V1.


Another one for the list is Softaculous:

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List of providers to contact when V1 is released (please post others below and I will edit this list accordingly):

Softaculous -

Installatron -

Bitnami -

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HI all,

Just heard that Softaculous is waiting for the first stable release of ClassicPress to review the script and check if we can add it.

Very good news for ClassicPress.




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