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I agree with you. While I was writting the previous reply I was thinking that the donation isn’t what will save the day for a plugin author.


A message from the plugin team for ALL IN ONE SECURITY plugin regarding support for CLASSICPRESS

Oh okay. Sorry, I misunderstood your original question. Yes, we intend
to keep it compatible with that.

Kind Regards,


So…Dick…Ivy (whoever that is) is saying that the plugin All In One Security is going to be compatible with ClassicPress? Never heard of it, but it’s good to have a new plugin!


I think the time title is preceded by WP. I’ve used it for over 2 years


I totally agree with your statement about banner blindness!


Looks like somebody took my advice to put up a donation page…just got an email that the donation page is live.


I just received a reply from Elliot, the author of ACF after I emailed them to ask for compatibility with ClassicPress and this is his reply:

Yes, we will remain compatible with classic press.


That’s great news! Could you follow up and ask if we’re allowed to state this from an official perspective?


Well, I asked as a user, not as a ClassicPress committee member, because we made it policy that ClassicPress is not going to ask plugin developers, but we let our users do that.

So it would be a bit weird now to disclose that at this point? Also, I’m about to board a plane :desert_island: , so I won’t be there to receive the answer :slight_smile:


I can reach out as a committee member and ask :slight_smile:

Enjoy your holiday :palm_tree:


I added a reply to that corePress discussion and thought I would link it here: It basically gives an idea of how to create a plugin repository using Gitlab and Satis. I’ve done something similar to this to one of my opensource projects.


Great idea. Now it’s just a matter of follow-up and organization (which is a recurring theme I’m starting to see).


I do not know if this belongs here, but I asked Michael Williamson, the developer of the excellent Mammoth .docx Converter (without that plugin, my WP life would be different!) about CP future compatibility. Here is his answer:

“I don’t have much spare time, so it depends on how much effort compatibility would be. If ClassicPress continues using TinyMCE and the API doesn’t change, then I’d imagine it would continue working without an issue, since the integration with WordPress is reasonably simple.”

I assume that we can confirm that this will be the case?

Support for Mammoth .docx Converter?

@jfmayer: I’ve copied your post over to a new thread (Support for Mammoth .docx Converter?) and replied there.


I am new here and while I haven’t downloaded and installed CP yet (I plan to in the near future), I’d like to add that a filterable (with facets, categories, etc.) plugin directory would be extremely helpful.

Thank you for what you are doing. Hopefully, I can try it out and help with something in the near future.


Thanks for this information, I really appreciate it and.


Just got confirmation that WordPress Automatic Plugin and Wordpress Auto Spinner will continue to work for 4.9.x and CP



Great to hear they will support both editors!

Could you also post a note in this thread: Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


Closing thread, conversation has gotten a little off topic again :slight_smile:

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