ClassicPress quickly becoming obsolete? Let's fix that!

Sounds great. Would be cool to help with that, if he is willing to make it public or give access.

He asked me for feedback, I think if you just send a private message he will welcome your feedback on the plugin. he said it will be published on the directory if it works well but that it will need to be reviewed by someone else because he can’t obviously review his own plugins. so some dev has to put the plugin through the process of approval to be published when ready I guess.

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Conclusion (plan to prevent CP from becoming obsolete):

Priority 1. Integrate Plugin Directory into core.
Priority 2. Populate Plugin Directory with new plugins (be it forks from WP or both or whatever).

For 2, I just proposed to set some basic requirements for plugins that can be applied now that there will be less plugins. Because when there are many plugins, it will be more difficult ( non actionable / impossible ) to force some requirements because it will be too late. Feedback for this is: no. So let’s keep in the deprecated stuff and our friendly jQuery forever (even though there is / was a chance to fix this now).

I’m not sure what you are referring to, but this is already the case for the front end. There is a lot of admin core code that uses jQuery, so it is loaded where needed in the admin. But plugins and themes already have to load the scripts they need.

Really? Maybe I am doing something wrong but, for a fresh install of ClassicPress, with zero plugins on it, I see the following on the frontend:

It’s not only loading jQuery, but it’s an old version with a migrate in it (2 useless scripts, for those who don’t want to use it. Bloat, bad for pagespeed). And what I meant with setting basic requisites, could fix this… avoid having to force jQuery just for those plugins that maybe want to use it and didn’t register it. I don’t think it’s crazy, but… there it stays in the air :wink:

And just to clarify, I know that the admin area needs it and it’s another story (would be crazy to remove it from there now). I am specifically talking about the frontend.

And to clarify even more, I know that jQuery can be disabled on demand. But what I am saying is… don’t depend on it for the front end. Make it a requisite for new plugins (and I can help updating the current plugins with this change) to load the stuff they need. Be it jQuery, Alpine, Vue or… whatever.

The theme is in charge of the front end, not core.

There was some work done to backport the jQuery update changeset, but it was not completed yet.

This is a wrong conclusion, and is not happening.

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It’s great to see I’m wrong here. I have been blind to the fact that the default theme is there, doing that jQuery load. Sorry and thanks!

It looks like everyone voiced their opinions on this topic, and it’s beginning to slowly move off topic. So I’m closing this topic.