ClassicPress Site Broke!

I don’t know what happened, but my site with ClassicPress, which is hosted with BaptistHost BROKE! I am having to uninstall my entire site and rebuild it. At this point, I’m moving over to a different webhost because I was bamboozled by BaptistHost (it is no longer owned by the pastor who started the hosting service, which was NOT mentioned when I purchased hosting from them).

I don’t know if you’re looking for help or just filing a report but, if you do want help, you need to provide some details.


And this why we have backups, backups and backups for all our clients. So we can get them recovered easily.

Usually these kinds of breaks can be fixed without having to do a full restore.

Anyway if you need a new host then ping me…

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@timkaye I no longer need assistance. I was in a panic when I posted this. In fact, the thread can be deleted. I discovered there were some hackers who decided to hack two of my sites. :angry:

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