Contacting plugin developers

I am new to this project and forum. I only discovered about CP yesterday when I lost it at WordPress on Twitter. So I don’t know.

But a lot of us have interacted with plugin developers for support. Some of us may also have good enough relationships to casually converse outside the realm of support. We may have made useful requests, offered fixes, etc.

It may be a good time to contact them personally and use our inlfuence to recommend that they officially support CP.

I’m a bit caught up right now, but am planning to move to CP when I have a bit of time. It would be a bit hypocritical of me to recommend adoption before I adopt, but I’ve spoken with one developer who just happened to send an email over something not directly relevant to the plugin and I’ll probably go through all my email subscriptions to plugin updates to contact them once I’ve migrated.

I make a good impression with most devs, so if I say that I’ve since moved to CP and am hoping for their continued support… maybe it will mean something?


Hi Vidyut,

Welcome! … good to have you here.

If you’ve been with WP since v1 then I think this will take you back to what it was like in the early days with WP. Friendly, supportive and democratic.

RE interacting with plugin developers check out the FAQs here:

There is a section about this with a sample request you can use as a template.


Direct link to the FAQ in question: