Contingency plan: revert to Wordpress

Yes, it sounds like quite a convoluted ownership path. Whether they are “obliged” to fix it is questionable - I guess there is no way to force them so you are really just relying on the helpfulness of the current devs.

It would certainly be worth asking! Very helpful community here. If you wanted to discuss your mySql query on a Slack channel you’d probably get some advice.

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Thanks, but I don’t know what a slack channel is!

Ah. Sorry. Slack is an online discussion space -

Some people use another one called Discord -

… and there is a clever link that synchronises them with each other.

But you could just as easily post it in the Support section here.

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Here is a ClassicPress link for both:



Now if you uninstalled and deleted the plugin after making that transition over to CP, would you simply install a latest version of the plugin? And if yes, could you please send the URL for it again (I think it was at at Git but I don’t have it bookmarked).

Yes, here is the link to the latest version of the plugin: release.

Just an aside FYI for anyone interested, especially if using Divi, I’ve tested this out on two demo sites and wrote down the steps and what happened:

  1. Log into site
  2. Upload latest Switch to ClassicPress plugin or one I have saved and dated
  3. Activate Plugin
  4. Go to Tools
  5. Go to Show Advanced Settings
  6. Choose to switch back to WordPress and remove CP
  7. In the space where it reads Build URL enter this URL
  9. Go ahead and submit the process.
  10. A minute or two and it should be operatonal as normal but with latest WP version.
  11. As of 08/24/2019 this will be 5.2.2. Gutenberg looks essentially unchanged since a few months ago.
  12. Divi settings will back to be adjusted.
  13. Go to Divi Theme Options.
  14. Then go to Builder, Advanced, switch off CSS, switch on Enable Classic Editor and Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience.
  15. Then tweak it to use the wire-frame builder version.
  16. This is very similar to back-end builder but much faster and STILL permits going back and forth between Visual Builder and wire-frame builder, or you can use the Visual Builder if desired. Whenever working with text or the WP editor it will look as before with the Classic Editor and be usable.
  17. Next go to WordFence and change settings. WordFence scan will still show some CP images as security issues. They can be deleted or marked as fixed.